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Businesses in Falkirk and the surrounding area can see a drop in bills and improved services when they become a Castle Water customer. Our team is helping businesses across the town and county who want a better deal on the bills they pay.

Falkirk is one of the most picturesque towns in Scotland, with many sights that wouldn’t look out of place in a tour guide. With a booming local economy and an increase in retail and hospitality in recent years, how local businesses are using water is changing.

While there may still be businesses outside of town, and close to Grangemouth, which use significant amounts of water every day, many local companies are finding any way they can to minimise water use and bring bills down; something Castle Water can help with.

Helping Businesses in Falkirk

Looking after your business water bills may not be as impressive as watching the Falkirk Wheel, but Castle Water is always interested in helping local and independent businesses as best we can.

Our team aims to help businesses by providing customer services tailored to their exact business needs. If you have a business in the area and feel your current provider isn’t helping with your water requirements, learn how easy it is to switch water suppliers. The team at Castle Water can take care of the switch, so you don’t have to worry about any interruptions or your current provider making it difficult for you to move over to a better deal.

Switch Business Water Supplier in Falkirk

What makes Castle Water different than other business water suppliers in Falkirk? Our team takes the view that water is essential for running a business, and that means looking after water isn’t just your responsibility.

Businesses in Falkirk can learn how to switch business water suppliers and take advantage of Castle Water services. Find out more about how to change water supplier.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water customers have access to our network of specialist partners. These are local agents who know the ins & outs of how businesses in Falkirk are and should be using water. It’s part of the range of additional services customers can make use of, some of which include:

  • Online self-service tools for billing
  • Consolidated billing for multi-location customers
  • Accurate meter readings thanks to smart meter technology
  • Water system auditing
  • Help with establishing new and private connections
  • Trade effluent advice
  • Wastewater management

If these are services your current water supplier won’t provide, please get in touch.

Where Falkirk Businesses Get Water From

The Firth of Forth may be just a stone’s throw away, but Falkirk doesn’t rely on the estuary for running water. Much of the area pulls water from reservoirs and groundwater sources. An excellent example of this lies east of town if you’ve ever been to Carron Valley Reservoir. Local water requires little work in ensuring it’s safe to enter the public network.

Due to the mixture of sources used, Falkirk has soft to medium water hardness.

Water Solutions for Falkirk Businesses

Small businesses in Falkirk can often fall foul from bills slipping out of control. When you join Castle Water, your water bill doesn’t have to be one of them. Many independent businesses, no matter where they’re located, can get practical advice and flexible payment options to keep costs down.

Whether you’re running a salon near Newmarket St or have a café near High St, see if you can save on water bills by getting an instant quote from one of our team members.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Moving further out of town, you’ll find many larger businesses and factories which rely on a steady flow of water for daily operations. Water efficiency is critical when a company is using hundreds of litres a month and would need help with the likes of wastewater management and trade effluent.  This is an even more crucial consideration for multi-site operations.

Find out more about how Castle Water helps larger businesses, and those operating across multiple sites.

Have a Business in Falkirk? Get in Touch

Are you based in Falkirk? Want to see if water bills can be brought down, or get a better deal on your tariffs? Get in touch with Castle Water today.

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