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Keeping check of your water bills may not be as exciting or adventurous as a day out at M&D’s, but it is something that every business should be able to keep under control. Castle Water is working for independent businesses across Scotland which feel they could be getting a better deal on their water bills.

The customer service team is at hand to provide you and your businesses with the water services and billings it needs. Anyone running their own business in the South Lanarkshire area has the right to move to a new water supplier if they can get a better deal; exactly what Castle Water does.

Switching Business Water Supplier in Hamilton

Castle Water is in the unique position of helping businesses with water from the top down, and that doesn’t just mean checking how rainwater is collected. Our business customers tend to find that bills and charges can get complicated and almost intentionally confusing. This doesn’t happen at Castle Water, as customers get an easy-to-understand water bill, which makes charges clear and concise. If you don’t feel 100% satisfied with your current water provider, businesses can now choose their water retailer like they would for other utilities. We take care of everything for you, making the switching process completely hassle-free.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

And bills aren’t the only thing our customers can expect. Every business uses water differently and needs services tailored to precise needs. That is why Castle Water has access to business water services which include:

  • Self-service online billing
  • Consolidated billing
  • Smart meter technology for accurate bills
  • Water audits
  • Help with new connections
  • Trade effluent management
  • Wastewater advice

Not sure what additional services your business needs? Get in touch and talk to Castle Water right now.

Where Hamilton Businesses Get Water From

Contrary to what some might say, Hamilton doesn’t get its water directly from the River Clyde or Strathclyde Loch. The town, like most in Scotland, gets water from a variety of sources, namely reservoirs and groundwater pools.

Much of this water is shared in the local area, so someone in Motherwell or East Kilbride would expect to have the same water as someone in Hamilton. There are some notable locations down the road like Daer Reservoir down the road which supplies some water, but there is no one source.

Hamilton is lucky to have soft to moderate water in terms of hardness, which makes for a great cup of tea.

Water Solutions for Hamilton Businesses

Smaller businesses in Hamilton which don’t know much about water bills, and the services they’re entitled to (many water retailers don’t like to tell you about additional services), should get in touch with Castle Water to see if our team can lower bills.

Whether you’re right in the middle of town on Brandon St or John St or have a unit up near the A725, get an idea of what water bills could look like by using our online quote tool. It’s the easiest way for one of our team to get in touch and discuss your options.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Whether you’re running a business out of one of the bigger retail parks outside of the town centre, or your business is located right by M74, Castle Water can help bigger businesses in the area with billings and additional services.

With many processing and industrial companies in the area, areas like water efficiency, wastewater management and water recycling are essential in helping to keep bills down.

Find out more about switching over with multiple locations and how Castle Water works with larger businesses.

Have a Business in Hamilton? Get in Touch

Is your company based in Hamilton or South Lanarkshire? See how you could switch and start saving, and gain access to specialist water services when you talk to Castle Water.

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