Laundrettes and businesses which need to carry out intensive washing and dry cleaning can find themselves running the risk of producing a high level of unnecessary laundry wastewater. Finding suitable solutions, especially when working at scale, is essential. Every business wants to help lower the number of chemicals being introduced into the local network and find means to recycle or reduce greywater production.

Castle Water helps companies operating laundries to get help from specialist partners who can improve internal systems, lower the amount of water used, and see considerable long-term benefits for water bills.

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Why choose Castle Water?

As a top-rated water retailer, Castle Water is helping those in the industry improve how they carry out laundry wastewater treatments. By its very nature, laundry is a process that will see a high degree of greywater and chemicals entering the sewer system. While this isn’t a problem on a domestic level, it needs to be monitored, controlled, and improved at the commercial/industrial level.

Businesses across the country are talking to Castle Water because we can:

  • Help improve internal systems
  • Help lower the level of laundry effluent
  • Advise on the possible use of treatments such as greywater recycling
  • Provide on-hand customer support

Our laundry wastewater treatment services

Castle Water helps match businesses with local specialists, who can advise on the best methods for improving internal operations, with a look to optimising a laundry on the whole.

Specific area specialists will be keen to look at include:

  • Current usage.
  • AMR installation.
  • How laundry effluent is disposed.
  • Current rates for discharge and figures on amount discharged.
  • Internal practices used to keep sewage/chemical levels low.

Wastewater treatment for hotels

Hotels, and associated leisure facilities, would be some of the most significant laundry users in operation. With a high degree of linens needing deep cleaning (usually at a high temperature), you’ll often find machines working to full capacity at a constant rate.

This tends to have a massive knock-on effect in terms of effluent produced. If this is something you feel you need help with, please get in touch.

Improving existing treatments

Castle Water’s specialists will tend to recommend specific actions are taken for immediate improvements. Treatments you may be recommended to consider include greywater recycling, waste heat recovery and practical on-site treatment solutions (which would be considered after a full internal audit).

You can find more treatment options available on our wastewater management page.

Keeping bills down

Remember that Castle Water also helps with all facets of water management, focusing on ensuring customers are paying for water at a reasonable rate. If you would like to know more about improving water efficiency for business customers, click here.

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