Our new blog mini-series “save money by saving water” will demonstrate how different industries can benefit from reduced business water usage. Specifically, focusing on industry-related water efficiency measures and how implementation can result in reduced costs. Let's begin by discussing water saving initiatives for the education sector.

If you’re in charge of a school, doing whatever you can to stay on top of your budget is key. Financial pressures across the public sector have left head teachers with the need to work harder to balance the books. It was reported recently that 66% of head teachers were considering cutting teaching support hours, and half were considering cutting teaching hours. But, there may still be ways of making cost savings without having such a drastic impact on teaching.

Save money by switching your school’s water retailer

It still isn’t widely known that schools can shop around for the best deal on water on the business retail water market. Since 2017, it has been possible for schools, public sector organisations and businesses to shop around for the best deal on water utilities in the same way that domestic customers can shop around for the best electricity and gas supplier. This means there are instant savings to be made. Simply by switching to Castle Water, you could save up to 80% on your fixed business water charges. This could add up to thousands of pounds’ worth of savings every year.

Switching your water supplier can bring other benefits in terms of the services offered. For example, as a Castle Water customer you can set up an online account via our customer portal, MyAccount. Through MyAccount, you can access your account whenever it’s most convenient, with access to a number of features including being able to check all your billing information and correspondence, submit meter readings, and much more. We are constantly updating MyAccount to provide new features to make your life even easier.

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We saved Focus Academy Trust £7.5K on their water bill

Implementing water efficiency measures

By reducing your water usage, you are lowering your water bill. Schools must do what they can to become more water efficient, setting an example as well as helping to secure future water supplies for their students.

Water efficiency measures are always a win-win - you will not only be making your school more water-sustainable, you will also be saving money on water bills. In fact, the cost of installing the technology and equipment needed to help your schools’ water efficiency will soon be offset against the savings made through lower water bills.

There are a number of ways you can implement effective water saving measures:

Implement water-saving technologies

There are many gadgets and technologies that will help you save water, from installing low flush toilets and smart urinal systems to aerated flow devices in taps and showers. It’s worth looking into greywater recycling - where you divert the wastewater from sinks and showers to flush toilets. It will need an initial investment, but will pay dividends in the long run in terms of the reduction in clean water you use and the amount of wastewater you discharge into the drainage system (and pay for). Rainwater harvesting is also a way of saving the amount of clean water you draw from the system and can be used in the same way as greywater. If you have large school grounds, it can also be used to water plants and sports fields.

Identifying leaks as soon as they occur

Most schools don’t identify underground water leaks until it’s too late. In the meantime, they have been paying for all the water that’s been wasted and any structural damage the leak has caused. If leaks occur on the grounds of your school premises, you will be responsible for the water bill as well as any repairs. The best way to check for leaks is to make good use of your water meter(s). By checking your meter(s) regularly, you will get a good indication of what your school’s normal water usage is; this means that if there’s an unexplained increase in water use, you’ll be alerted to the possibility of a leak sooner rather than later, and be able to take steps to identify and repair the leak before you spend thousands of pounds on water you never get to use. Occasionally, the repair of leaks can be problematic, and if this is the case, your school may be eligible for a leak allowance, returning much needed funds into your budget.

Educate your students on the best use of water

Any water efficiency measures you implement will make a big difference, but so will educating your students - and staff members - to do what they can to save water too. Check out our Achieving Behaviour Change guide as it will give you advice and tips on how to encourage everyone to change their habits when it comes to water use - it could be as simple as making sure the taps are turned off when people have finished washing their hands.

First class water services for schools, universities, and educational organisations

As part of our commitment to schools and the education sector, Castle Water work in partnership with you to reduce your organisation’s water costs, support you to make efficiencies and help you to meet your environmental and sustainability targets.

Castle Water has a proven track record of working with educational institutions, such as Bradfield College, to help them better understand their water usage, identify issues and reduce costs. We can connect you with a wide range of water-related services to ensure you are getting the most from your water and wastewater services.

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