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The adhesives industry grows fast, with more powerful and versatile glues constantly emerging. 

Given the rise of green politics, it is hardly surprising that water usage and sustainability in the glue and adhesives manufacturing industry should be a topic of conversation. Indeed, the glue and adhesives sector has incorporated green policies aimed at improving water sustainability in response to increasing government legislation.

An eco-conscious younger generation has also swayed the adhesives industry into firmly putting the environment at the forefront of its wider policy.

Water Usage In The Glue & Adhesives Manufacturing Industry

Water is a central ingredient in many adhesives sold across the world. To stay abreast of the environmental movement, the adhesives industry is transforming how consumers experience adhesives by addressing their concerns and making recommendations for greener options in packaging solutions and design.

Environmental care is reshaping the glue sector and assisting glue producers in satisfying the strong demands within the market.

Moreover, increasing demands are driving companies to develop sustainable adhesive technologies to meet environmental demands in the adhesive market.

Sustainability In The Glue & Adhesives Manufacturing Industry

While developing cost-effective, water-efficient business solutions and adopting more sustainable manufacturing solutions by choosing suitable water-based adhesives, the adhesives industry positively affects the green profile of the industry.

The applications of adhesives are almost unlimited, as water-based glues are used in all possible final uses, e.g. in the plastics wrapping, wood processing and shoe industries.

More efficient water use is economically sensible for the adhesives industry, as it reduces companies’ water costs and saves the environment from additional pollution.


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What types of adhesives are sustainable?

All glues and adhesives have the potential to be sustainable, providing they are produced and disposed of in ways that don't harm the local ecology. However, PVA glue is one specific glue known to be more sustainable thanks to its ingredients proving them so.

How Does Biodegradability Fit Into Sustainability?

Biodegradable technology is taking the sustainability of glues to the new frontier using water based adhesive systems. The biodegradable adhesives are engineered to be biodegraded by organisms such as microbes and bacteria, therefore having much less environmental impact. The breakdown creates water, carbon dioxide and other associated environmental-defining natural gases. Such sustainable solutions are primarily used in paper and wrapping, envelopes, sanitary products and medical appliances.

How eco-friendly is PVA glue?

PVA glue is proving to be one of the greenest glues on the market. PVA sustainable adhesives tend to do less environmental damage in toxicity and degradability. This environmental benefit is largely down to water performing as the primary ingredient in these glues, whereas other more environmentally damaging glues use a higher proportion of chemicals.

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