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Business Water Use In
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Brewery Water Management

Ninety-five percent of beer is water in composition, and the origin of that water is sometimes very important. It’s often of historical significance because this particular water can be a prime factor in the taste for which a beer is known. 

But although breweries are often steeped in history, that doesn’t mean there aren’t changes to be made that can help the environment. Breweries may be hundreds of years old, but like any industry, they should utilise all technology that allows better water efficiency. 

Water Usage In The Beer Manufacturing Industry

Beer takes vast amounts of water to make, but water isn’t only an ingredient at manufacturing plants. Water is heavily used for refrigeration, cleaning and steaming. Most of the water used outside of direct production is used for cleaning, which means there are many effluents left at the end. 

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Sustainability In The Beer Manufacturing Industry

Many beer manufacturers who have replaced old bottling plants have reported saving 40 percent of water. These new facilities are also easier to clean, which means you’re saving even more. Remember that cleaning uses a lot of water in the beer industry.

At the same time, modern bottling plants offer greater flexibility since they’re more able to fill an assortment system of different sizes of containers. The ability to fill an assortment of bottles in different sizes with one system saves water because breweries don’t have to overcompensate when buying business water. They can more accurately work out just how much water they’ll need.


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Can You Use Steam To Save Water? 

Steam locomotion in the 21st Century might sound like a rather atavistic and counterintuitive idea, but factories in France have been using it for years. Steam from the beer manufacturing process is collected in piston cylinders that move the conveyor belt. After all, that steam is going nowhere else but through cooling towers where its energy potential will be lost to the sky. 

Companies that are always looking for cost-effective solutions will appreciate having to spend less on business water for cleaning. Of course, since less water is being used in cleaning, it makes a sustainable environmental choice.

You Can Count On Castle Water

At Castle Water, we don’t just procure safe business water for you, but we monitor it to make sure it’s legally compliant when going through your premises. When you’re finished with the water, we make sure it is safely discharged into the broader ecosystem. 

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