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Car Manufacturing Water Management

Industry depends on water. Car manufacturing cannot survive without water, either. However, car producers have been fine-tuning their policies to save water. Water usage and sustainability in the car manufacturing industry is an evolving policy across the sector.

Carmaker Seat, for instance, has been implementing water conservation methods for years now as integral to the conservation culture of a modern automotive industry.

Water consumption is vast in the car industry. Research suggests on average, 177,297 litres of water are required to produce just one car.

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Water Usage In The Car Manufacturing Industry

The painting department requires the highest amount of water consumption, almost half the total consumption. The exterior finishing of the chassis, cleaning booths before the painting, and the actual spraying process take up the most water.

Small quantities of paint that enter the water when the vehicles are painted are extracted in a special processing unit.

Sustainability In The Car Manufacturing Industry

The car industry continues to make positive steps to enhance its record on sustainable water use in its production processes.

Every day, car factories pipe in, use, and recycle water whilst using innovative technology to boost water conservation and use it efficiently in the automotive sector.


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How Is Water Used In The Car Manufacturing Industry?

Professionals in the car manufacturing sector possess an in-depth understanding of water utilisation, accounting for water demand in all stages of production. Water is used extensively and rightly overseen. Professionals in the car industry monitor water use for both business and environmental reasons. Alternatively, car factories hire business water companies who visit the site frequently and regularly, to check that water use is legally compliant, safe for the environment, and free of leaks or accidental effluent drainage.

When Is Water Used In Automotive Manufacturing?

In the car industry, the main purpose of water is to wash down and clean finished components. A great deal of water is necessary for the paintwork of bodywork, for instance, and the manufacture of components such as connectors, motor parts, transmission parts, etc. Generally, car manufacturing requires much more water for secondary purposes such as cleaning than for their production than the car producers do.

How Much Water Is Used In Car Manufacturing?

Looking at the whole automotive manufacturing process supply chain, from raw product acquisition to the production of single components to automobile assembly by the car builder, the water use per automobile is approximately 4,000 litres. Naturally, that is an average amount, and it fluctuates widely according to the vehicle's size and specifications.

How Is Wastewater Treated In The Car Manufacturing Industry?

The car manufacturing sector's most frequently employed wastewater processing methods are vacuum evaporation, chemical-physical wastewater processing, membrane systems, and mechanical wastewater handling systems. Treatment depends on the volume of effluent and the requirements that the water must meet.

How Can Automobile Manufacturers Save Water?

To conserve water in manufacturing, the rinsing sequences for the individual production stages could firstly be streamlined so that as little effluent is produced in the process as possible. This could be manifested in a system of installing flow restrictions at the critical rinse stage and reusing that water consumption for cleaning or sanitation. Naturally, the product requirements for quality still must be fulfilled simultaneously. As a second measure, processed water can be recovered from wastewater using a vacuum evaporator, for instance, and returned to the production chain.

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