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Engineering Water Management

If you operate within the engineering industry and need effective, efficient, and affordable water management solutions then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Castle Water we can assist you with water usage and sustainability in the engineering industry.

We are acutely aware of the challenges of water management and demanding water usage that can occur in the engineering industry. Castle Water are experts in business water solutions and can assist you with your specific circumstances. It’s what we do best.

Water Usage in The Engineering Industry

When it comes to water usage in the engineering industry, there are various applications that are related to the construction and maintenance of engineered structures.

Applications include everything from the design of hydraulic structures such as the management of waterways, sewage structures, and for environmental management to getting the optimal cement to water ratio for the engineering process.

Water is also used to clean and filter the tools that are used in the engineering process and for cleaning engineering sites.

Optimally, for cement as an example, for every one-part cement, 4 parts sand and 0.5 parts water need for mixing.

Sustainability Within The Engineering Industry

Sustainability within the engineering industry is primarily about the effective management of wastewater that is produced during the process on engineering projects. Engineering projects themselves often strive to be as sustainable as possible with resources in order to save money. But the processes themselves also need to be kept sustainable.

The incorrect management of wastewater can lead to ground and surface water pollution. If this is the result of water mis-management, it is a finable civil offence.

The risk of wastewater mis-management could degrade the quality of surface and groundwater resources permanently.


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The Services Castle Water Provide for Engineering Businesses 

At Castle Water, we can provide water management services that can:

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How Is Water Used In Engineering?

Water is primarily used for the production of an optimal cement mixture for engineering projects. Water is also imperative to various hydraulic structure design applications. However, PVA glue is one specific glue known to be more sustainable thanks to its ingredients proving them so.

Why Is Water Important In Engineering?

Water is crucial to many processes in engineering such as mixing cement, cleaning tools, and cleaning sites for construction. .

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