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Water Usage in the Medical Industry

The medical industry is critical for the well-being and health of people of all ages. From local medical centres to huge metropolitan hospitals, medical care facilities are integral to everyday life, and water is vital to their running.

Water usage and sustainability in the medical industry are hugely important to monitor and control to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum. In private medical institutions, cutting back on water is not possible for certain uses and so being as efficient as possible is key to saving money.

With Castle Water, we can help you save money without cutting corners where it’s most important. In addition, we can appropriately handle medical wastewater and keep your medical facility in line with regional and national legislation.

Water Usage in the Medical Industry

In the medical industry, water is used in many different areas. Primarily, water is used for the cleaning and sanitation of medical equipment, the common hospital areas, beds, and for medical staff to stay hygienic.

However, water is also used in everything from the creation of saline bags to mixing medicine doses. 

It is estimated that the National Health Service is responsible for using 40-50 billion litres of water per year

Water Sustainability Within the Medical Industry 

Due to these astounding figures, water sustainability is important in both the public and private medical industries.

The adequate disposal of medical wastewater is of great importance when it comes to water sustainability in the medical industry. This is primarily due to the fact that the contaminants in medical waste can cause public health concerns and even spread disease.

Staying sustainable is, therefore, of the utmost importance in any medical facility, regardless of scale.


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Castle Water can keep your water usage sustainable, and your wastewater appropriately managed by:

  • Providing detailed water usage analytics for planning your facility’s water efficiency.
  • Consolidating all your water bills into one place if your run multiple facilities.
  • Supporting your operational requirements with tailored water management services.
  • Provide ongoing support to your organisation when it comes to legal compliance with trade effluent matters.

How Much Water Does the Medical Industry Use?

The medical industry in the UK is responsible for using 40-50 billion litres of water in a year. In addition, medical staff use around ten times more water in their workplace than the average employee in other sectors.

How Much Water Do Hospitals Use Per Day?

In hospitals, depending on hospital size and efficiency, around 180 to 1400 litres are used per capita per day. .

What Kind of Water Do Hospitals Use?

Hospitals make use of distilled water to clean materials, prepare food, and sterilise medical equipment. Ensuring the water is entirely free of any contaminants is critical.

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