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Business Water Use in
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Laundry Water Management

Sustainability and water usage in Laundrettes are vital aspects to consider for the longevity of laundrette operation and for the local environment from which the laundrette will source its water.

Few commercial businesses will use more water than a laundrette, so it is paramount to use the water appropriately to keep costs low. Saving water means saving money.

That is where Castle Water comes in. We are the UK’s largest independent business water supplier, and our goal is to help businesses save on their monthly water bills. Currently, we serve over 350,000 customers, and they trust us to help them cut water costs to save for the future.

Water Usage in Laundrettes

In laundrettes, water usage will primarily come from the day-to-day operations of the laundry machines themselves. Of course, the size of the laundrette will determine how much money will need to be spent on water, but most laundries will have a minimum of 10 to 15 machines.

When we consider that one machine may consume as much as 75 litres of water for one load of laundry, we can begin to see the true scale of water usage a laundrette can have.

Water Sustainability Within Laundrettes

Due to the factors mentioned above, being sustainable with water in laundrettes is essential to running a successful and profitable business.

Sustainability is essential in order to create a business that isn’t wasteful and doesn’t negatively impact the local ecosystem.


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Sustainable Water Management In The Laundry Sector

Aside from providing operation-specific guidance, Castle Water can also provide the following services to help your business meet water sustainability goals:

  • We can ensure that your laundrette has the appropriate wastewater management in place to adequately dispose of contaminated water.
  • We can keep your trade effluent licence up to date and ensure it continually reflects your usage over time as it fluctuates with business demands.
  • Keep your laundrette compliant with local and national legislation to ensure you adhere to regulations for water usage.
  • Provide access to industry professionals that can help you manage your water utilities. 
  • Offer consolidated billing for multiple laundrettes or businesses to keep your water billing simple.

Deciding to choose us will give you all that and more! Start saving on your water bills today.

How Much Water Does A Laundrette Use Per Day?

When considering industrial washing machines that can use up to 150 litres per load on average (depending on capacity), a laundrette can use up to 50,000 litres in a single day of business.

How Much Water Is Used By A Washing Machine?

The average washing machine will use around 75 litres of water per load. A more efficient model will use less than this, perhaps around 52 litres of water, depending on the model and technology it uses.

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