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Business Water Use In The
Over-The-Counter Medicine Industry

Over-The-Counter Medicine Manufacturing Water Management

Over-the-counter medicine is a hugely critical part of the medical industry, as without this kind of medicine being readily available, Doctors’ Surgeries and Hospitals would be inundated with people requiring minor medical attention. These medicines are vital to maintaining the health of the UK population.

Many manufacturing processes use a great deal of water, including the manufacture of over-the-counter medicine. Not only does medicine need to be manufactured in a sterile environment which requires water usage, but the medicine itself may require water as an ingredient. 

With all of these factors considered, water sustainability is an important factor to consider in any over-the-counter medicine manufacturing process to keep costs down.

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Water Usage in the Over-The-Counter Medicine Manufacturing Industry

Having a clean and sanitised environment for manufacturing is important to ensure that no debris or impurities make their way into the process. While this is true for any kind of manufacturing, it is of the utmost importance when it comes to manufacturing medicines. Water is a primary component of ensuring a manufacturing facility is clean. In addition to sanitation, water can also be a key ingredient in many medicines, particularly liquid medicines.

de everything from the design of hydraulic structures such as the management of waterways, sewage structures, and for environmental management to getting the optimal cement to water ratio for the engineering process.

Sustainability Within the Over-The-Counter Medicine Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing uses a lot of water, regardless of the product being manufactured. Water sustainability is hugely important to not only cut the costs of the manufacturing process by being efficient with water, but also due to the impact that using too much water can have on the environment.

It is imperative that your facility remains sustainable with its water use and that any industrial wastewater your facility or business produces is appropriately handled. Getting the correct trade effluent licenses and disposing of harmful chemicals is about more than just saving money and environmental safety, it can be a legal issue too.


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The Services Castle Water Provide for  Over-The-Counter Medicine Manufacturing Businesses 

  • Ensuring your operation remains legally compliant with local, regional, and national legislation for water usage.
  • Ensuring your operation has the appropriate trade effluent license.
  • Offering water management services to your business and its operations to ensure you save as much as possible.
  • Consolidating your bills into one simple bill if you run multiple factories or facilities.
  • Providing detailed water usage analytics.


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Which Water Is Used in Medicine?

When it comes to the manufacturing of medicine, only distilled water can be used. Distilled water has been treated appropriately to ensure no contaminants are present before the manufacturing process begins.

What Percentage of Water Is Used for Industry UK?

5% of the total water usage in the UK is used for industry. This includes all manufacturing processes, such as the manufacture of over-the-counter medicines.

How Is Water Used in Manufacturing?

Water is used in the manufacturing process at almost every stage to ensure the machines doing the manufacturing operate at optimum efficiency. Water is used in cleaning and in the sanitation of the manufacturing facility. In the medicine manufacturing industry, water is also used as a primary ingredient in most medicines.

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