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It’s all too easy to underestimate Ayrshire. It may be seen as some as the commuter hub leading into Glasgow, but when you look at how Ayrshire stretches from Muirkirk all the way to Arran, it is covering a lot of ground and a lot of businesses that want to save on water bills.

Popular areas in Ayrshire Castle Water can help your business include:

  • Largs
  • Irvine
  • Kilwinning
  • Prestwick
  • Troon
  • Girvan
  • Kilmarnock
  • Cumnock

Regardless of where your business is located, contact us and see if Castle Water is the ideal fit for your business.

Switch Water Supplier in Ayrshire

As a business owner in Ayrshire, you need a water company that will assist their customers in every way they can. From providing advice on how to improve usage to giving you access to their network of specialist partners, Castle Water helps customers manage their water in the most efficient way possible.

Most people think switching water suppliers is too much of a hassle, especially for businesses with various different locations. But with Castle Water, the process is quick, easy and completely trouble-free. Learn how to switch and get a quote today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Castle Water feels that many business owners don’t get the help they need when it comes to understanding how to use water, where savings can be made, and how to see if a business could benefit from specialised services. For example, could your business benefit from:

  • Having a water audit carried out?
  • Having water contingency planning in place?
  • Consolidating bills when running a business across multiple locations?
  • Having smart meters installed so all bills are accurate to the drop?
  • Getting help with wastewater management?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, it is highly advisable you contact our team to talk about switching to Castle Water.

Where Does Ayrshire Get Water From?

With the River Ayr, Doon, Garnock, Girvan, Irvine & Stinchar all running through Ayrshire at some point, you may think that the county gets the majority of its water directly from the river.

Ayrshire gets its water from a mixture of sources and shares a network with those living in Greater Glasgow by getting water from Milngavie and Balmore water treatment works.

The majority of Ayrshire has soft water, like most of the west coast of Scotland.

Water Solutions for Businesses in Ayrshire

Almost 400,000 people call Ayrshire home. That means a lot of people, and businesses, need access to high-quality water at all times. Castle Water can help any business in Ayrshire, especially if they feel their current water retailer isn’t providing adequate services or bills are too high.

See if your business could be better off by getting an instant quote. Most businesses can get up to 20% off after an initial check by our customer service team.

Better Water Billing for Larger Businesses

Bigger businesses across Ayrshire can go through hundreds of litres of water a week. That creates a large volume of wastewater and trade effluent which needs to be treated accordingly to lower wastage costs.

Dedicated water management is a must for any big business, and Castle Water can help put your business in touch with local agents who know how to optimise water usage to scale.

Operating out of Ayrshire? Talk to Castle Water

No matter where in Ayrshire you’re based, Castle Water can help bring bills and water costs down, with a proactive approach to usage and water management.

You can find out how by calling the Castle Water customer team on 01250 718 700. Phone lines are open weekdays from 8 am.