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It’s hard to beat Irvine on a sunny day, and with the coastline right there, it’s clear to see why so many independent local companies like to call this part of the country home.

After all the work from the Irvine Bay Regeneration, business is growing in the local area, and that is seeing a lot of companies needing water for specific and precise needs. While many companies are competent with their water use, there are always ways to improve bills in the long-term.

Castle Water works with businesses in Irvine and across Ayrshire who want to see if there’s a better deal they can get on their water bills. It’s our aim to help make customers knowledgeable on their billings and what every penny goes towards.

Switching to Castle Water is effortless and straightforward. Many companies are often surprised to know that they can switch water provider, all without any interruption to daily operations. Learn how to switch now by clicking here.

Switching Water Supplier in Irvine

Do you fully know what services your current water provider offers you? And are they actively showcasing those services to improve your bills, especially if you want to keep bills to a minimum?

Castle Water is here to help businesses in and around Irvine switching their water retailer so they can benefit from the best business water rates and expert water services. The switching process is completely hassle-free, without any interruption to your water, even for multiple locations.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

There is more to your water bill than just a number. Your business should make use of additional services to improve internal operation and reduce wastage. Some of the services customers in Irvine can get help with include:

  • Water audits
  • New connections
  • Leak repair
  • Trade effluent analysis
  • Updating old water meters
  • Water recycling
  • Wastewater management
  • Consolidated billing options

See what services your business could benefit from by getting in touch with Castle Water today.

Where Irvine Businesses Get Water From

With the coast right on our doorstep, you’d expect some water to be sourced along the coastline, right? Sadly, water isn’t sourced this way as it requires an extremely high number of resources to prepare and clean seawater. It’s just as lucky then that Irvine’s water supply comes from reservoirs and lochs further inland.

Irvine shares a water supply with most of Ayrshire, getting water from reservoirs like Collennan, Northcraig, Burnfoot and Mill Glen. There’s even a little confluence of reservoirs if you head up the road towards Munnoch.

Water quality in the area is generally quite good, and most water from taps is soft.

Water Solutions for Irvine Businesses

The River Irvine may weave its way through town, but that doesn’t mean local businesses need to bend backwards to get what they deserve from their water bills. Whether you have a business in the centre of town, like a salon or café off New St, or your business is starting to see water bills on the rise with no real understanding as to why this is, Castle Water may be able to help.

Our team is empowering businesses in Irvine by providing clear-cut billing and access to help from local agents who know the area very well, helping with the likes of water audits and smart meter installation. If you’d like to know more about better water bills, use our instant quote tool to see if savings are on the horizon.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Even being a coastal area, there are still many bigger companies and those working in industrial areas which call Irvine home. Companies in areas like Irvine Industrial Estate, Stevenston Industrial Estate and close to the M77 may be in the position of using a significant amount of water every day.

If this is a problem for you, and you’re looking for ways to improve internal water systems, Castle Water may be able to help. Services we’re referring to include wastewater management & treatment, trade effluent and local sewerage disposal.

Have a Business in Irvine? Get in Touch

Castle Water is proud to be helping local businesses in Irvine and throughout North Ayrshire with their business water bills. If you would like to know more about the services your business may benefit from the work our specialist partner carries out in the area, or how to lower water bills get in touch today.

Please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.