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Motherwell has come a long way in recent years from being Scotland’s self-proclaimed Steelopolis, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an industrious and hard-working town. The local economy is more diverse than it has ever been. Just look at the number of industrial parks popping up around the outskirts and close to both the M8 and M74. That’s a lot of locally grown businesses which uniquely use water.

Castle Water helps businesses across the borough to understand which elements of the water network aren’t working in their favour, and what shortcomings are in place with their current providers; be that how they get rid of wastewater, how much water they need for processing, and whether water recycling can see a dramatic drop in reliance.

It all starts with a quick call to our team and discuss making the move to Castle Water. The Castle Water customer care team will help you understand what state your current billings are in, where improvements can be made, and handle how to switch suppliers. Our team prides itself on being able to highlight improvements in water efficiency and find areas to lower tariffs in the long-term.

Switch Water Supplier in Motherwell

Do you find yourself trying to decipher your current water bill when it comes in the post? Does your current water provider encourage you to get water audits and additional services put in place to lower usage and costs?

If ideas like this sound too good to be true, then you haven’t talked to a Castle Water customer yet. Castle Water is extremely proud to be the highest rated water retailer in the UK, with more 5-star reviews than any other on Trustpilot.

Getting a quote today is the easiest way to learn more about the benefits of switching to Castle Water. Whether you are considering to switch water supplier or just want some more information about it, get in touch with us today.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

A good relationship with customers and understanding their needs helps both sides to see where bills can be improved upon. As a Castle Water customer, you would expect to find access through our local network of specialist partners to services such as:

If you would like to know more about these services, and how Castle Water can help provide them after switching over, get in touch today by clicking here.

Where Motherwell Businesses get Water From

Does a business on Brandon Parade get different water from one on Windmillhill Street? And will being closer to Strathclyde Loch make your water harder or softer than someone getting water near Coldstream Reservoir?

Motherwell has a shared water network, so everyone gets water from a variety of sources and water is moved around to meet demand. Sometimes it means areas can see water supply in demand in the event of something like a fire, but for the most part businesses in Motherwell shouldn’t usually expect to have problems with their water supply.

Like most of the country, the majority of water is from groundwater sources. These giant underground pools collect and store water which flows down from rainfall and rivers before being pumped out and cleaned up at local treatment centres.

Motherwell tends to have soft water which requires little to no treatment for use domestically and in businesses.

Water Solutions for Motherwell Businesses

Keeping bills under control is essential for small businesses to run effectively, and those in Motherwell will be happy to know this is something Castle Water can help with – even for businesses with multiple locations.

Whether you have a small café in town, run a business that uses water for processing, or simply feel your provider is charging far too much, you may be able to see immediate change as a Castle Water customer.

To find out more about cheaper business water bills in Motherwell, get an instant quote today and talk with one of the customer care team.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

When you have two of the biggest and busiest roads in Scotland, the M8 and M74, straddling the corner of town, it makes senses that many large companies and those working in an industrial capacity would call Motherwell home.

Working to scale can see more significant fluctuations in water usage and disposal. Castle Water often helps larger businesses by getting our specialist partners to help with services like wastewater management and water efficiency. 

Have a Business in Motherwell? Get in Touch

Based in Motherwell and want to see water bills improve?

Please call our team right now on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am. If you’re visiting the site during office hours, you can also click the chat icon in the bottom corner of this page. You can also read more about the services we can provide for Scotland here.