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With so many service-based businesses close the airport, and the M8 right on our doorstep, Paisley is home a dynamic local economy where businesses need water for a multitude of reasons. Understanding what exactly a business needs to use water for, and where paths for optimisation lie, is key to how Castle Water can help.

Having a present knowledge of what our customers need water for, and how much they need to use, helps map out a general idea of what tariffs should be and where measures should be taken to optimise usage. This is something the Castle Water team loves to help out with. Knowing more about your business and daily water usage is the jump-off point for significant changes.

Switch Water Retailer in Paisley

Any business water supplier needs to be more than the logo on the letterhead of a water bill. Castle Water gets to understand what water means to your business and why existing services from your current provider may not be working in your interests.

Business owners can now switch their water retailer in an easy and quick manner. Get in touch with Castle Water to learn how to switch and much you could be saving in your business water and wastewater bills.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

When a business comes to Castle Water, our team will strive for local agents to come and see if your business could make use of services like:

  • Water system audits
  • Smart meter installation
  • Consolidated billing when working across multiple sites
  • Improve tariffs
  • Water recycling
  • Wastewater management
  • Emergency water services
  • Water efficiency advice

Read more about how the Castle Water team help Scottish businesses of all sizes here.

Where Paisley Businesses Get Water From

If you ever thought Paisley got all its water from the River Cart, we’re sorry to say it’s not the case; although the river at one point was the primary way to carry away all of the town’s trade effluent.

Water in Paisley is sourced from several different groundwater sources and rivers, as well as some reservoirs (Stanley Reservoir being one such example). Water is taken from here and send through treatment works where it is tested and cleaned up for use in the local system. Paisley shares a lot of its water with areas in the southside of Glasgow.

Water Solutions for Paisley Businesses

Paisley is home to businesses of all sizes, and that means they need business water services catered to their exact needs. From small cafes in the centre of town to car parks by the airport which offer valet services, knowing where to use water efficiently is essential. Castle Water can help any type of business, regardless of industry, with these services and ways to lower bills in the long-term.

See how much can be saved by getting a quote, and a member of the Castle Water customer care team will be in touch.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With a prime position by the M8, and the airport making the local area a hub for bigger businesses, water needs to be used in everything from food production to industrial manufacturing. Castle Water can work with larger companies in the area, even companies with various locations, and especially those who want to see if bills can come down by implementing better wastewater services.

Have a Business in Paisley? Get in Touch

Are you running a business in Paisley? Want to know if your tariffs can come down while services improve at the same time? Get in touch with Castle Water to speak with one of the customer service team.

You can call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.