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With Glasgow just a few miles up the road, some businesses often find their bills can reflect city centre prices for no reason other than postcode. As Rutherglen is a small town, businesses in the area should know that they can use location to their advantage.

Castle Water helps make it easy to switch water supplier if you feel you’re paying too much currently and know that your supplier isn’t taking location and industry into account.

Water Supplier Switch in Rutherglen

Castle Water is the highest-rated water retailer in the UK. As such, our relationship with customers is very important to us. Water companies should be proactive in helping customers act smarter with water rather than watching bills go up.

If you find that your current water company is not providing you with the value you are paying for, a water supplier switch could be the solution; for single properties or businesses with multiple properties alike. It’s a very simple process that starts with a quote from Castle Water.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Thats why there are additional services in place so Castle Water customers can benefit from the likes of:

  • Water auditing
  • Help with new connections
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Consolidated billing options
  • Smart meter options
  • Trade effluence
  • Wastewater management

These services are primarily carried out by our specialist partners. You can read more about these services here.

Where Rutherglen Businesses get Water From

The River Clyde may just run to the north of town, but that isn’t where Rutherglen gets water from. Much of the town’s water supply comes from groundwater sources, which are large underground pools. Water from rainfall, lochs and rivers filters down through rock before collecting in these pools. It is then drained and checked before it enters the local network.

Rutherglen shares water with other areas to meet demand, so someone in Glasgow City Centre, Bishopbriggs, Paisley and Rutherglen could all get water from the same source on the same day.

Water Solutions for Rutherglen Businesses

Have your own business in the town centre and feel water bills are just too high? Your current provider may have you placed within an unfair tariff, or it could simply be the case you’re being charged too much.

See how much you could save if you switched to Castle Water by getting an instant quote now.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Rutherglen

The M74 straddles the north of town, making it a prime location for larger businesses to be located. With a mixture of industries situated around here, water is used in varied capacities.

Castle Water can help larger businesses, and those with multiple locations, get a better deal on their water bills. Find out about water services available for larger businesses here.

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Based in Rutherglen and want to know about how Castle Water can help your business? Get in touch today by calling us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.

Our team are ready to answer any questions regarding business water services and how to switch supplier.