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Swindon Borough Council Case Study

By taking advantage of Castle Water’s specialist water efficiency services, Swindon Borough Council were able to resolve a costly water leak at one of their properties, saving an estimated £250,000 per year on their water bill.

UK businesses use millions of gallons of water every day, and we’re committed to helping our customers to use only what they need. In fact, we go out of our way to empower our customers to use less water, with free advice always available and our industry-leading partners ready to offer specialist water efficiency services.

A costly leak

Swindon Borough Council contacted their Castle Water Relationship Manager with concerns that their water meter readings did not accurately reflect the water usage at one of their properties, Lydiard Mansion House.

Castle Water quickly identified the best route to evaluate and resolve its customer’s leak problem, contacting one of their additional water efficiency service partners, Metering Technology Services (MTS). MTS specialises in the installation and implementation of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

With the AMR hardware quickly installed, an early review of the data immediately pointed towards a significant leakage somewhere on the property. If left unresolved, a total of 78,840 cubic meters of water could have been lost over a full year, amounting to an extra £250,000 in water charges for the council.

Due to the size of the leak identified, a comprehensive Water Efficiency Audit was conducted by MTS to pinpoint the leak. A water leak expert attended the site to analyse the data and isolate the leak, and within days the leak was found and resolved.

£250,000 per year saved on water bill

Further monitoring of the data in the days after the leak had been resolved showed a reduction of 216 cubic metres of water use per day, confirming the originally estimated saving of approximately £250,000 per year on Swindon Borough Council’s water bill.

“The AMR solution was extremely useful and helped to pinpoint the area of concern at our leak site. We expected and received a good experience from Castle Water’s AMR partner MTS.”
Energy Manager for Swindon Borough Council, Giles Davis
Castle Water’s agile response coupled with its wide network of professional partners meant it could quickly identify the best route to evaluate and resolve its customer’s leak problem.

AMR was the ideal solution, and now installed it will provide accurate water usage reports going forward.

Swindon Borough Council now has access to Castle Water’s fully resourced AMR support team who are dedicated to the delivery of AMR and other innovative metering solutions. To help them get the most out of the many benefits of AMR, including up to date meter reads, accurate billing, leak detection, regular performance reports and benchmarking, their AMR support team will liaise with MTS on Swindon Borough Council’s behalf.

“We work hard to deliver high service standards while achieving real cost savings for our customers. We see our customers as individuals and our people go the extra mile to recognise each customer’s needs and provide the tailored service they deserve and expect.”
John Reynolds, Castle Water CEO
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