Water supply continuity and contingency planning

Every business uses water in a unique way, but one certainty is the simple fact that for most businesses, when the water supply is disrupted, they can find daily operations will grind to a halt.

Disruption to services is something no business should have to deal with. Luckily for Castle Water customers, this is never the case. Customers have access to contingency planning through one of our specialist partners to ensure continuity is in place, and your business isn’t left without water for long periods.

Whether it’s simply the supply of bottled water, or bulk supplies and tankered water which need to be delivered to address water supply in emergencies, Castle Water customers are assured of water supply continuity.

What is water contingency planning?

Imagine that right now, all the water in your building went off. Would you know what to do, where to get water from for operations to continue, and who to call?

Water contingency planning is the simple process of figuring out ahead of time what a business would need when water stops. It generally falls into three steps:

  1. An expert auditing a business and assessing water usage to see how much would be needed in an emergency
  2. Having the supplier map out your water plan, so everyone knows what will happen and what is expected to be delivered (in terms of water volume)
  3. Being given your water timeframe, so you know how long your business would have to wait based on your location and type of business.

If you’d like to speak to someone right now about getting a water contingency plan in place, please click here.

Which industries would need emergency water

When your business has a dependence on water, it should have emergency planning in place. Industries which would commonly need emergency water are:

Even if you’re running a small business, having water supply emergency procedures can prove beneficial.

What happens when you need emergency water?

In the event of an interruption to usual water supply or a planned increase in demand, Castle Water offers alternative and emergency provision in partnership with Water Direct. The services customers can avail of include:

  • Emergency and wholesale bottled drinking water
  • Bulk water tankering
  • Storage tank and temporary supply infrastructure rental
  • Aqube™ (single-use IBC)
  • Water supply continuity and disaster recovery solutions, including assured response to water-critical sites

If you’d like to know which service would best suit your business, talk to one the Castle Water customer team right now, by clicking the chat icon in the bottom corner of this page and chatting with Waterbot.

Water supply in emergency situations

Many people, quite rightfully, aren’t fully assured they’ll know their water supply emergency procedures that their current water retailer provides, or if they have such services available.

Situations businesses often find themselves in when emergency water is needed include:

  • Burst mains
  • Local network outages
  • Contamination of local water
  • Bottled water needed for consumption at events

If these are areas you wouldn’t want your businesses to come across, you’ll want to consider having a contingency plan.

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