A heavyweight in your corner for better water and trade effluent services

We cut through the noise to provide no-nonsense expert advice and guidance for your business water, wastewater and trade effluent needs, and we'll fight in your corner through any supply disruptions or Wholesaler disputes.

Our experts will provide your organisation with:

  • knowledge and influence to ensure your interests are properly considered
  • full service support for correct consents and licenses and the application process
  • Wholesaler negotiation for bespoke consent limits
  • guidance to meet regulatory obligations
  • support and data reporting to help reach your sustainability and environmental targets
  • tailored solutions for large and multi-site customers
  • consistently accurate trade effluent billing

Get in touch

If you think you're being overcharged for your business water, or under-served in your trade effluent needs, email Conor Kearney, Head of Business Development for Castle Water at Conor.Kearney@castlewater.co.uk.

It pays to have the experts in your corner

Businesses producing significant amounts of trade effluent must consider a retailer’s ability to provide as much expertise and support as possible. Between legislation, consents, fees, waste sampling and treatments, trade effluent is a minefield.

Our expertise and technology combine to form an award-winning service

Our specialised Account Managers make the process simple and have the knowledge and influence to ensure that your interests are properly considered. We will identify the correct consents and licenses, negotiate bespoke consent limits, help you meet regulatory obligations, and support your sustainability and environmental targets. If that wasn’t enough, we're recognised as a market-leader in trade effluent billing, with our unique platform producing consistently reliable trade effluent bills with the highest degree of accuracy.

Consistently reliable bills

Our market-leading billing platforms produce consistently reliable invoices with the highest degree of accuracy, and our customer portal, MyAccount, makes it easy to submit monthly meter readings online, so your bills will stay up-to-date and reflect actual consumption. Account balances, bills and transactions can be easily viewed in MyAccount, and with eco-friendly e-billing, you can avoid paper bills.

Consent and negotiation support

Typically, larger industrial customers must negotiate with their wastewater Wholesaler to arrange bespoke consent limits. We have the knowledge and influence to ensure that your interests are properly considered. We'll advise you on these discussions, help to negotiate consent applications, and support you to challenge Wholesalers on a range of issues.

Flexible multi-site-solutions

Our large and multi-site customers can still enjoy simplicity, consistency and transparency with our flexible solutions. With consolidated billing you can select the payment terms most suitable to receive one simplified and easy to understand bill for all sites and meters combined. Our expert team are on hand for 24/7 for emergency response, advice to improve efficiency and water management, and Wholesaler support.

Tailored service, savings and efficiencies

Water cost and usage reduction is supported by our expert water efficiency and water management advice. We can advise you on a range of additional water management services from Efficiency Audits and Contingency Planning, to trade effluent and wastewater treatments. You can rely on 24/7 support for any unplanned outages, leaks, or Wholesaler disputes.

24/7 secure online account access

You'll have access to manage your entire account online on MyAccount, with unlimited control to view bills and transactions, submit meter readings, monitor consumption data, set up Direct Debits, and update details.

Vital water management support, efficiencies and cost reduction

SUEZ consolidated its full portfolio with Castle Water for optimum services and solutions

In May 2022, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK (SUEZ) switched over 200 UK sites to Castle Water as its sole water retailer. With water, wastewater and trade effluent requirements, the objective for SUEZ was to consolidate its full portfolio with one retailer that provided optimum services and solutions. To rectify previous market errors and ensure accurate billing, Castle Water prioritised a data cleanse of SUEZ’s entire portfolio. SUEZ now has confidence in its water, wastewater, and trade effluent charges.

Julie Swanepoel, Procurement Officer at SUEZ, said: “Castle Water continue to provide exceptional service and support. Consolidating all our sites with Castle Water has generated real efficiencies and cost savings, and they deliver vital support in the management of our business water across the UK. Their additional water services and water efficiency measures offer added value and environmental benefits and highlight our aligned sustainability values.”

Find out what we could do for your organisation

Email Conor Kearney, Head of Business Development for Castle Water at Conor.Kearney@castlewater.co.uk to discuss tailored water, wastewater and trade effluent solutions for your organisation.