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Castle Water Processes South East Water Goodwill Payments

Following large-scale interruptions in the South East Water region in December 2022, South East asked Castle Water to process goodwill payments for affected non-household customers. South East noted that payments were not due under Ofwat’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) because the interruptions were caused by extreme weather, but they are aware that the interruptions caused a large number of properties to be without water for an extended period and therefore granted goodwill payments.

Castle Water processed these goodwill payments for over 750 of our customers who were identified by South East Water as having been affected by the supply interruptions. The goodwill payments were added to Castle Water accounts within two days of being notified by South East, and account statements issued showing the resulting account balance. Customers with credit balances can request a refund by logging into the online portal to provide payment details.

Loss of water supply is the responsibility of South East Water and other wholesalers (such as Affinity Water or Thames Water). Any claims for compensation for the disruption in the South East Water region in December 2022 should be directed to South East Water.

For more information about supply interruptions and to claim a payment due under Ofwat’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS), visit