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Castle Water Re-Launches MyAccount

Customers looking to access MyAccount will find their online account in the customer portal. Click here to register for a new account.

Castle Water, the UK’s largest independent water retailer, has completed a major update to its online customer portal, MyAccount, and has re-launched the portal to its customers.

In November 2021, Castle Water’s CEO, John Reynolds, revealed plans for significant growth and investment in the company’s digital platforms, with a major element of that being the further integration of automated self-service solutions for customers. The company have since made several improvements to the portal, including adding Direct Debit sign-up, enabling e-billing options, and making the platform available to its full customer base to include customers in Scotland.

The relaunched MyAccount portal will retain all the features Castle Water customers are used to, with a host of new functions and a much-improved look and navigation.

David Bain, Digital and Marketing Director for Castle Water, explained the decision behind the relaunch of the portal, “One consequence of the lockdowns was that we realised how reliant our customers were on paper-based communications, prompting rapid development of our digital channels, paperless and e-billing offering.

Since early 2020 we’ve seen a twentyfold increase in customer usage of MyAccount, as we continued to make improvements to the existing portal, while working to release the new, optimised version available.”

Adding to the existing features of MyAccount, including account balances, Statement of Accounts, transaction search and invoice download, are 4 main new features: customers can now view and download letters; email notifications will now alert customers to when new invoices and letters are ready to view; customers with queries can now track their support cases, including any bilateral Wholesaler requests; improved validation on submitted meter readings will notify customers to potentially incorrect readings, and alerting them to potential leaks.

David continued, “We provide our customers with transparency, access, and control over their business water account to help them better understand their water use to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The relaunch of MyAccount means our customers now have more information and choice than ever before when it comes to managing their Castle Water account and their water services.”.

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