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Thames Water Ask Farmers To Check For Burst Water Pipes

Due to the warmer weather following the recent freezing conditions; we are continuing to see high numbers of customers reporting leaks and burst pipes because of the milder weather.

We would ask the farming community to carry out where possible specific checks on their pipes and to water troughs and pipes connected to storage facilities on agricultural and farming sites.  Where there are exposed, external pipework there may be a greater risk of bursts occurring.

We are currently seeing huge demand across our network but especially in the Swindon, Oxford, and Tring areas of the Thames Valley. Potential burst pipes on our network and on customers water pipes may be adding to this increased demand.

The changing temperatures can cause water pipes, and the ground around them, to expand and contract. This in turn means pipes can burst.

Farming and agricultural customers that have identified a leak should as a first step isolate the leak as soon as possible.

If you have questions, or need further advice or assistance, please contact Thames Water directly.