The Scottish government has given details of its exemption scheme for charities and community sports clubs in Scotland from water charges for 2015-21.

This will give a full exemption for charities with under £200,000 or revenue, and a 50% discount on water charges for charities with between £200,000 and £300,000 of revenue.

For charities which do not currently receive an exemption, but will benefit from one under the new scheme, Castle Water is able to offer an immediate discount on water charges, and guarantee that it will apply the exemption as soon as a charity qualifies. This may be particularly valuable for charities with between £200,000 and £300,000 of revenue which will qualify for a discount, and could also benefit from Castle Water’s competitive prices now. It also means that charities which currently do not qualify for the exemption can benefit from competitive prices now, with no risk of being tied into a long fixed-term contract when the new exemption scheme starts. In addition, Castle Water will guarantee that it will make no charges to assist charities in registering for the new exemption scheme. For charities with revenue of over £300,000, Castle Water can help you now by ensuring you get the most competitive price possible, and can reduce your administration for example by putting multiple sites into a single consolidated account.

To discuss how Castle Water can help you, and to get a quote for water supply click here to access our online enquiry form and indicate that you are a registered charity.