All of us will be familiar with the adage “Save Water. Drink Beer”. While it’s a slogan some people wish was true, the fact is that many breweries across the UK lack the capability to have optimised brewery wastewater treatments in place.

Castle Water is helping breweries of all sizes with their treatment processes, placing a keen focus on trying to minimise the level of water wasted in the production process. From the water used in making a perfectly brewed beer to the attention needed in cleaning processing areas (before even looking at trade effluent), there are many ways our specialist partners can help.

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Why choose Castle Water?

Our team understands that brewing presents challenges that other food and drink processes relying on water don’t typically come across. For example, a brewery using the likes of fruit and dairy products to add flavour can create a by-product that is harder to break down and get rid of.

That’s before we have to consider the use of sugars in the brewing stage, how that relates to chemical oxygen demand, what brewery wastewater composition is like and the necessity for aeration of water.

Breweries across the country can trust Castle Water’s specialist partners as they can:

  • Better place breweries within the frameworks they’re limited by.
  • Ensure there isn’t any disruption to service.
  • Point out which treatment may be more effective.
  • Examine associated water use to see where waste may be minimised.
  • Improve the percentage allowance and reduction of trade effluent.

Our Brewery Wastewater Treatment Services

Much like the subtleties in craft beer, every brewery will instinctively have personal processes in place for dealing with wastewater and trade effluent.

Castle Water’s partners can look at the intricacies of a brewery to offer a flexible range of treatment services. They would traditionally want to look at areas like:

We also help breweries looking to use water in a more sustainable sense.

Wastewater treatment for non-brewing processes

An important aspect often overlooked is the use of water outside what’s being used in the tanks. When looking at critical areas such as cooling and bottling, are there any missing components which could bring usage down, or are certain practices pushing the cost of bills up for no reason?

Again, these are areas of wastewater management Castle Water can help with, whether looking at anaerobic digesters or the opportunity for improved greywater recycling.

Ensuring compliance

Recent examples like the introduction of the Industrial Emissions Directive in the EU and its subsequent murkiness in terms of UK law have caused many breweries headaches over the rules and laws regarding the generation of wastewater.

It helps immensely to have an agent at hand who knows what any type of brewery should be doing according to the scale of operations. This is something Castle Water can help with, especially if your brewery is trying to become socially responsible.

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