Car washes are sometimes overlooked when managing wastewater and any effluent produced from a water-intensive process.

With a mixture of natural by-products and detergents creating wastewater, and the risk of these directly entering the local network inadvertently, many in the industry are looking for ways to reduce the level of by-products and enable ways to bring bills down overall.

Castle Water can help anyone running a car wash across the UK with these issues and much more.

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Addressing the Problems Car Washes Have

There are two primary areas car washes would have problems with regarding water responsibility and wastewater management.

The first is consumption levels. While many multi-location and branded car washes follow the correct channels to source water, smaller companies can run into issues when water is directly sourced in the same fashion as drinking water (i.e. comes from a nearby tap). With car washes using anywhere from 15 to 50 litres to wash vehicles, opportunities for water recycling must be sought out.

The second concern is the risk of possible pollutants directly entering the local water network.  If substances like oils, waxes, soap, and other lubricants aren’t handled responsibly, a car wash may fall foul of irresponsible disposal.

These are areas Castle Water may be able to help with.

Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle Water is the UK’s top-rated water retailer. As such, one of our primary aims is to help customers understand how their bills could be reduced, and where additional services can benefit costs in the long-term.

Car washes throughout the UK can get help from Castle Water as our team can:

  • Improve internal water operations.
  • Lower the level of water wastage.
  • See if water recycling is viable.
  • Provide UK based customer support.

Our Car Wash Water Treatment Services

Castle Water helps match businesses with local water agents and specialist partners. Their expertise in this area can help a car wash lean on existing principles to improve standards and efficiency across the board.

Specialist partners can help with:

If you would like to speak with someone about these services, please get in touch by clicking here.

Better Billing for Multi-Site Customers

If you have several car washes and feel that billings don’t match up, or accurately reflect usage, Castle Water may be able to help.

Consolidated billing is helping our customers save time and money with everything kept to one straightforward and uncluttered bill. Multi-site customers can also benefit from specialist water services, which you can read more about here.

Improving Existing Systems

With many car washes in locations for years, internal systems may operationally be 100%. If you’re unsure if your internal water system is performing as well as it should, or could be costing money without you even knowing, Castle Water can help provide water efficiency audits.

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