Construction is an extremely water-intensive industry by nature, with practically every step or practice used requiring water to some degree. From excavation and drilling to cooling and cleaning, finding practical steps to reduce water and wastewater immensely helps construction water management.

Castle Water can help those working in construction improve internal efforts and use various measures to lower reliance, optimise water use and see where trade effluent can be overhauled for lasting changes.

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Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle Water can help any construction company in the UK, which wants to tackle construction wastewater treatment proactively. From establishing water balance models to getting expert water agents on-site, improving services can be less hassle and much more fluid than expected.

Construction companies throughout the UK can rely on Castle Water’s specialist partners for help with:

  • Improving how water is used on site.
  • Advising on water storage solutions.
  • Minimising discharge and effluent.
  • Seeing if there are means to recycle which should be implemented.
  • Lowering bills in the long-term.
  • Treating construction wastewater in a way which fits in with current practices.

Construction Wastewater Treatment Services

There are only three steps any business, especially when looking at construction water treatment, sees the water it uses go through.

How water enters the system. How water is used. How water leaves the system.

The variable laid upon water in those stages, be it additives for particular processes or cleaning, can alter how a construction site uses water every day. Identifying the main activities, focussing efforts on improving those systems, and quantifying what those changes result in, can help establish KPIs and place your business in a position to see where change needs to be made.

Wastewater Treatment Construction Obstacles

With many construction jobs involving a constant shift, and the business not having a fixed point, there can be obstacles you wouldn’t find in other industries. For example, when there is no access to the local network, wastewater storage is a big problem. Even when storage tanks with additives or natural evaporation are used, you’re still looking at a large volume of wastewater that needs seeing to.

Tackling these obstacles and optimising disposal is something Castle Water’s partners may be able to help with when you find it to have a more significant impact than expected.

Construction Water Management for Smaller Businesses

Independent construction companies don’t want to fall foul of hefty rates or fines from not having the means to treat wastewater correctly. Castle Water can help advise on aspects like on-site treatment solutions, process optimisation and waste tinkering, to help smaller businesses with wastewater.

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Castle Water can help those in the construction industry with wastewater services, no matter where in the UK your business operates. Please get in touch with our customer care team today, who will be happy to discuss construction wastewater treatment and its potential.

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