Quite a unique thing happened recently in the UK. For the first time ever, there are now more distilleries in England than in Scotland. While most of us associate distilleries with making whisky, the range of spirits and products is ever-expanding. With that, more new businesses need help with how they handle wastewater.

Whether you’re running a distillery that makes whisky, gin, cosmetic products or even perfume, you’ll want to have reliable distillery wastewater treatment services in place.

Castle Water is here to help independent distilleries across the UK with their wastewater and water bills, in an effort to curtail excess waste and costs.

What issues can a distillery run into?

Unlike wastewater in most industrial applications, distillery wastewater has some unique properties which can make it difficult for easy disposal.

The first of these concerns the composition/makeup of wastewater. Some of the by-products created will have a low pH, making it harder to treat and dispose of. When liquids are found to have a pH hovering around 2.0, they will sometimes need a degree of “pre-treatment” to get them up around a pH of 5.0, where they’ll be easier to break down.

Other issues include:

  • Ash content
  • Inorganic matter
  • Liquid colour
  • Low dissolved oxygen (harder to treat)

The issues a distillery will run into depending on the products being produced, i.e. a gin distillery will have entirely different by-products from a whisky distillery. Castle Water specialist partners can help UK distilleries with such issues where possible.

Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle Water helps businesses in all industries to improve water management. As a leading water retailer, we understand that every business has to use water in a precise and individual manner. This means no two businesses, especially distilleries, will have the same methods for dealing with wastewater.

Distilleries across the country value Castle Water because we can help distilleries:

  • Save money via the most suitable treatment solution
  • Increase efficiency by optimising processes
  • Gain some control and peace in mind by knowing our solutions will enable you to get on daily work commitments
  • Ensure they’re fully compliant with local law when disposing of waste materials

Our Distillery Wastewater Treatment Service

Castle Water operates with specialist partners who excel in helping independent businesses find the best solutions regarding wastewater management.

With a keen focus on reducing the level of waste in product processes, before we even get to maintenance and machine cleaning, their expertise helps find those overlooked areas that can save a distillery a lot of money over time.

Common processes examined for distilleries include:

  • Fitting certification
  • Oxygenation
  • Alternative water supplies

Leaning into cleaner solutions

With many distilleries making dark and coloured spirits, eliminating colour from any distillery effluent is important. Where possible, our partners can help you find the solutions to get waste materials in a better position for correct disposal back into the local water network, especially if your business is looking to be as sustainable as possible.

Switching is easy

There’s no need to be wary about switching your business water supplier. When distilleries make the move to Castle Water, they should expect absolutely no interruption to services.

We know how important every litre of water is to the daily operations of a distillery. That’s why we also recommend getting in touch with our team to discuss water efficiency and if your business has contingency planning for water outages in place.

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