Water management in hospitals is much more complicated than management in traditional businesses. Not only is it vital that all water entering the system is potable (fit for use) to varying degrees, but it is also crucial that any effluent or wastewater is treated correctly before leaving the network and entering the local sewerage system.

Castle Water can enable hospitals and private surgeries in the UK that want to place themselves in a better condition to handle water treatment in hospitals. By matching facilities with specialist partners and local agents, hospitals can benefit from reduced consumption, better internal use and safe practices for water cleaning and disposal.

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Why Choose Castle Water?

As the UK’s top water retailer, Castle Water has a proven track record of helping with water treatment in hospitals. Through specialist partners and expert advice from local agents, hospitals can take proactive measures to reduce, re-use and re-evaluate water usage at every turn.

Hospitals across the UK that get in touch with Castle Water can benefit from:

  • Water audits of the entire system
  • Improvements in water monitoring
  • Better screening tools for water efficiency
  • Reduction to the environmental impact of used water
  • Measure to reduce pathogens in the local network
  • Top-rated customer support

Better Water Management in Hospitals

Most hospitals are a 24-hour based operation. Demand and necessity ebbs and flows throughout the day. Understanding how to manage water expectation can help reduce costs and dramatically lower wastage. Specific areas need assessing to see where better management can be put in place. This includes areas like:

  • Laundries, kitchens, public-facing areas and labs
  • Tanker fill points & boiler houses
  • Therapy pools
  • Incinerators
  • Drainage areas

Wastewater Management in Hospitals

Knowing that water management improvements in hospitals vary from floor to floor means that assessment needs carrying out on a micro and macro level. When dealing with the disposal of medicines in the water system, or materials that could be deemed harmful to the local water network, tailored systems need to be in place and optimised.

Castle Water can provide the means to enact such changes and look at water balancing models that meet the typically stricter regulatory requirements hospitals have (compared to most other businesses).

Wastewater Recycling for Hospitals

Water recycling and water capture can prove useful when looking to reduce dependencies on the local network. Although something not usually sought out by hospitals, if specialists find there is a positive to having treated wastewater used in some capacity elsewhere, it will see costs come down.

When looking at surgeries and hospitals in older buildings, it is worth carrying out a full audit of non-optimised infrastructure.

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Please get in touch today if you would like to speak with someone about some of the services mentioned on this page, or how Castle Water can help with water bills.

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