Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment is more involved in its processes than traditional wastewater management for pharma businesses across the UK.

Castle Water knows this all too well. As a leading independent water retailer, Castle Water has experience working with specialist partners who help those in the pharmaceutical industry tackle the difficult job of handling wastewater where possible and provide supportive services.

What makes pharmaceutical wastewater harder to treat?

There are three general areas in which pharmaceutical companies have a harder time managing their wastewater services: regulations, water quality and waste materials.

With pharmaceutical companies having to adhere to some of the tightest regulations out there, a keen eye and attention to detail can help a UK based pharmaceutical company improve standards and adhere to every point in the rule book.

Water quality, especially in areas where water needs reintroduced to systems or where deep cleaning takes place, needs to have standards in place to reduce wastage and ensure water can be used appropriately for processes.

Waste materials are part and parcel of the process, and it’s pivotal that any client who comes to us gets the attention they need in this area from one of Castle Water’s specialist partners.

Working to tackle PiE

Unlike most other industries, pharmaceutical companies have to deal with pharmaceuticals in the environment (PiE) when working with wastewater too.

The most unique aspect of this issue is the fact that many PiE discharges are so heavily processed or minute in presence that it can become a more complex issue to deal with than a traditional industrial or processing business would have.

Many companies find that it is much harder to act sustainably when discharges like this increase billings. Again, having Castle Water’s partners examine systems can lead to optimisation in new areas, be that via a more environmentally friendly focus or noticing where costs can be adjusted without service disruption.

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How Castle Water can help with pharmaceutical wastewater

Castle Water can advise on a broad range of pharmaceutical wastewater treatments that are adaptive and fit in with current operations without any major interruption to services. We aim to ensure that water is used as it should without cutting corners.

This includes partner services such as AMR and leak detection.

*It is important to note that some treatment areas are beyond our scope as a water retailer and require specialist care. You can find out more about individual services provided by visiting our wastewater management page.

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Please note: Castle Water does not have any contractual responsibility for the delivery of services carried out by our framework partners.

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