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Proudly Serving Businesses in Manchester

Have a business in Manchester and feel like you’re paying too much on water?

Or are you looking to see if there’s a way you can reduce your water usage and save in the long run?

Castle Water is helping businesses across Manchester, and the Greater Manchester area get a better understanding of their business water rates and provide solutions that improve everything from water treatment to wastewater management.

Serving Businesses in Manchester City Centre

Running a small business in Deansgate that hardly uses water but seems to have high bills? Or is your restaurant in Castlefield going through water at a rate that you don’t think seems right?

Every business in the city centre will use water differently, and we know exactly how to help you take control of your water.

Serving Businesses Across Greater Manchester

We know the city has a great industrial history and for many businesses as far as Bolton, Rochdale and Stockport we can provide water management solutions that work, especially if your business generates a high level of wastewater.

Business areas we help include hospitality, medical, education and industrial.

We do recommend checking out our wastewater management services for more information as it can highlight areas you may not have thought fall under business water services.

Changing Water Supplier in Manchester

Do you have a good idea of how efficient the current water system in your business is? Many businesses in Manchester are quite passive when it comes to water management. It is an area that, when looked at properly, can be found to cost too much. And if you run multiple business properties, this cost can be taking away a sizable portion of capital.

Since 2017 businesses can choose their water company just like other utilities. At Castle Water, we have a range of services available for any business to help them know more about water usage and find those pain points that could result in bills coming right down.

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Changing Your Water Company

Castle Water offers a comprehensive range of business waters services, including:

Where Manchester Gets its Water From

Most of the water used in Manchester takes a long journey to get here. Businesses will find that their water comes all the way from Thirlmere in the Lake District. Water has to come roughly 96 miles from the dam to reservoirs and systems around the city.

It can take 36 hours for water to get here along an aqueduct that carries thousands of litres every day. That’s water that needs treated and cleaned before you can use it. We have knowledge of the local area and usage rates that help us see if a business is spending too much money on their water usage and if they’re also wasting water without realising it.

When we work with any business in the Manchester area, we recommend carrying out a comprehensive water audit. It’s from an initial check that we can find problem areas that can see immediate change. The audit also helps to ensure your business is fully compliant with local council requirements and won’t be doing anything that could be subject to a fine.

A Water Company Manchester Trusts

We take pride in the relationship we have with our business customers; it’s why we’re one of the UK’s highest-rated water companies on Trustpilot with over 3,000 five star reviews.

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