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By making small changes in your daily routine, you can enhance your business water habits. Switching to more environmentally friendly behaviours means your business will be helping to improve UK drainage systems whilst supporting a great cause - Unblocktober.

Unblocktober is a month long awareness campaign to change the nations flushing habits and improve UK sewers and seas. The aim is to educate and encourage people to change small daily habits and start correctly disposing of plastic waste to better our environment.

The UK consumes over 5 million tonnes of plastic every year. Nearly 4 million tonnes becomes plastic pollution that is washed into the ocean from the rubbish entering our drains and rivers.

Plastic well outlives people and can take up to 500 years to fully break down. The environmental damage it has already caused is the equivalent to the modern day plague. What is more concerning is that we are actually losing the war on plastic. There is an average increase of 4% plastic consumption annually, in two decades we will have doubled the amount of plastic being used!

We need to change our actions and create new habits if we are to survive in this new world. That means starting at the root of the problem and flushing away our current behaviour.

plastic decomposition timeline plastic decomposition timeline

Each year billions of everyday household items end up in the UK drainage system...

cotton buds

contact lenses


wet wipes


female hygiene products


razor blades


fat, oil, grease (FOG)

plastic bottles

plastic bags

plastic straws

Find out how you can support Unblocktober

Find out how your business can take part in Unblocktober to improve your business water habits.

The amount of plastic being flushed and drained into waterways drastically increased. Disposable facemasks and wet wipes were ending up in sewers and seas in quantities never seen before.

Clearly new habits must be adopted in order to live in this new world without producing environmental hazards.

Help save our seas and sewers by stopping these 3 things...

Switch to better business water habits to improve your business drainage systems and help prevent flooding.

There are many reasons that flooding occurs, one of them being the backlog of water from blocked drains.

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Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea

Scientists have discovered we ingest around 2,000 pieces of nanoplastic a week and shockingly, some of this comes from your own morning cuppa!

But are there nanoplastics in the UK's water supply?

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