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Protect Your Business This Winter

With winter temperatures regularly falling below zero, protecting your water pipes from freezing is a priority. Here are some steps that your business can take to minimise risks. The more you do now, the more you can lessen the chances of problems occurring even in the most extreme cold weather conditions.

In this guide, you’ll find some brilliant advice to help your business beat the chill this winter.

How to be Winter Wise

Wise stands for Warm, Insulate, Safeguard, and Emergency plan. All the actions you need to take in order to help protect your business this winter.

  • Warm buildings offer the best protection against frozen pipes, so keep your business warm.
  • Ensure your water tank is fitted with an insulation jacket or wrapped with suitable insulation material.
  • Dripping water increases the risk of freezing, so repair any leaky taps or valves as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared. Find and know how to use your stopcock and have the phone number of an emergency plumber to hand.

4 things to do now to help prepare your business for winter

1. Check your Insurance Policy

Make sure to find and read your business insurance policy. It’s important that your business details remain up-to-date and you have a copy of your policy number and insurance contact number in case you need to make a claim.

Double check your policy coverage. Assess whether you need to add additional policies or adjust your current policies to ensure your business is fully protected against closure, damage or downtime over the winter season.

2. Make a visual account of valuable stock and equipment

Take note and a visual account of the condition of your business equipment and stock. Don’t forget to take photographic evidence of your business premise interior and exterior as well as any valuable stock or equipment.

It is good practice to keep a record of your business assets prior to any potential damages that could occur and is crucial to know if you ever have to make a claim.

3. Set reminders now

Set reminders to schedule your heating whilst your business is closed for the holidays. Even if you only plan on closing your business for a couple of days, don’t risk having frozen pipes burst in the freezing temperature.

With no one there to resolve a burst pipe, the last thing you want to find when re-opening your business is a bad leak, or worse flood! Avoid the stress and set a reminder to turn the heating onto a low setting whilst your business will be closed.

4. Know what to do in an emergency

It’s important to have a contingency plan in place. Know the basics in case an emergency does transpire, such as your business insurance contact details and policy number and where your premise stopcock is.

Ensure you have quick and easy access to important contact information for time sensitive situations. Write down, or save onto your phone, your water networks emergency contact number.


– Danuta, Castle Water customer

Your Business Premise Winter Checklist

Before locking up for the festive season, complete your business premise winter checklist to ensure your business is protected over the cold weeks ahead.

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