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Benefits of Castle Water

It’s official: Castle Water offers the best service

In a complex market where other water retailers have been investigated for overcharging, Castle Water stands out for its exceptional service and commitment to fairness.

Here’s why:

Top performance

According to the official water market operator, Castle Water has the best performance in England and Scotland for meter reading, ensuring the most accurate bills.

Challenging incorrect charges

Castle Water is the only water retailer to challenge incorrect network charges through formal Trading Disputes and arbitration proceedings, taking on Thames Water and other networks to reduce your charges.

Customer satisfaction

Castle Water has more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than all other water retailers combined, reflecting our dedication to high quality service.

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customers awarded Castle Water 5-stars on Trustpilot

Compare business water suppliers

UK businesses are fed up with getting fleeced by hidden retail charges, poor service and confusing bills from other water retailers. At Castle Water, we’ve found a better way to do business water.

Castle Water

Other water retailers

We don't hide fees in
the small print

You can trust a quote from Castle Water

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Other water retailers

Did you know we have more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than any other UK business water retailer?

Switch away from bad service

Sometimes getting more than you bargained for isn’t a good thing. Luckily, UK businesses are free to switch business water suppliers, so you can make bad service and hidden fees a thing of the past in just a few clicks.

Switching to Castle Water is like waking up from a bad dream

One minute you’re hiding from bad service and hidden fees, and the next your enjoying the relief of a quote you can trust, flexible payment options, award-winning service, one simple bill, and savings of up to 80% on fixed water charges.

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No other water retailer does this…

We’re the only UK retailer to have our own dedicated Field Team of directly employed meter readers that are able to take the time to access complex meters, and are trained to investigate faults.

Top for meter reading

In the last 12 months alone, water market operator MOSL confirmed that Castle Water is outperforming other major water retailers on key meter reading tasks. Our 96% success rate in meter reading tasks surpasses all other major retailers, and MOSL’s “Holistic Reporting” score of over 94% also ranked Castle Water above other national retailers.

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