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Business Water Use in
The Forestry And Logging Industry

Forestry Water Management

Around 13 percent of the United Kingdom is covered by forest, some of which the logging industry uses to provide high-class British wood for construction and other purposes. It’s important to understand how forests help water sustainability and how the timber industry uses water responsibly.

You must take water sustainability in the timber industry very seriously. Contact Castle Water, and we’ll not only get you the right amount of water for your business, but we’ll implement services to keep it legally clean and properly processed.

Water Usage in The Forestry Industry

A general idea is that it takes 25 litres of water to grow enough timber for one wooden board.

There has been a lot of exploration to try and quantify the water consumption of various tree types or woodland types, including in the United Kingdom. Regrettably, there is no straightforward answer to the issue of just the amount of water forests use, and research is ongoing to improve our ability to forecast the impacts of forestry on water resources.

Sustainability Within the Forestry Industry

In developed countries, laws and regulations strictly prohibit the logging industry from depleting water resources to the detriment of people and the environment.

There are also similar requirements demanded under law whereby no logging activity may pollute the water system. These demands needn’t be a huge hassle for a timber enterprise so long as they use excellent water management services and professional wastewater treatment.


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Sustainable Water Management In The Forestry Sector

We coordinate an array of highly trained staff who analyse your water use and guarantee procurement, maintenance, and anti-pollution services. We don’t just sell you water, we make sure you’re not releasing pollution into the system and that your equipment is on the right side of the law.

How Do Forests Help With Water Conservation?

Water quality is generally very high in streams and rivers that drain in woodland, and the water quality is also purer in areas with high tree cover. Woodland areas are often the preferred choice for water administrators to protect water supplies. There is strong evidence to show that woodland can effectively reduce the draining of a range of diffuse pollutants to water.

How Does Logging Affect Water Resources And Purity?

There shouldn't be any effect on water for the rest of the population in developed nations due to any logging activities. This is a matter enforced by law and generally adhered to by industry. The timber industry has a legal responsibility to ensure that it does not adversely affect the water system's volume or purity. Generally put, if there is any suggestion that timber operations will affect the water ecology, they are denied operational permission by relevant government bodies.

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