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Business Water Use In The
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Tannery Water Management

The processes involved in producing materials in a tannery are labour intensive and require a large amount of water and chemicals. With so much of that resulting in wastewater, any way in which tannery wastewater treatments can be employed will not only help minimise wastage but could also see bills come down if reliance on water is reduced.

Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle Water can help any tannery in the UK when dealing with aspects involving wastewater in what would be considered a niche industry. Understanding the ins & outs of each process, and how water is used in the likes of soaking and unhairing, is critical in realising where the opportunity for improvements exists.

Tanneries that talk to Castle Water can benefit from:

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Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Are there chemicals that pose a threat to the water network?

Some of the chemicals commonly used in tanneries include chromium, tannins, oils, dyes and specific compounds depending on what the end-product needs to look like. It can be something of a balancing act to ensure a tannery is compliant with local regulation and that all necessary measures are in place to prevent accidental disposal of tannery effluent.

If this is something you’re having problems with, please get in touch to see how Castle Water can help.

Wastewater Treatment and Clothing

Much like the tanning process, many UK based clothing companies, especially those starting out, may underestimate the amount of water used in making clothes and what charges are incurred from wastewater.

If you’re running a clothing or fabric business and would like to see if water bills could be improved, get in touch with the Castle Water team.

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Castle Water can help any tannery looking for improved wastewater services.

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