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While the River Tay flows beautifully through the city, it isn’t where residents and businesses in Perth get their water from. In fact, many businesses in the area don’t know they could be getting a deal on their water services. This is something Castle Water can help with.

For anyone running a business, any chance you have to bring bills down is welcomed. Those of us living and working in Perth could be just a few minutes away from a better deal if they choose a new business water provider. Castle Water can help any business in the area gain access to improved services which will not only see you saving water, but also employing new methods to minimise wastewater. Learning how to switch doesn’t need to be complicated.

Helping Businesses in Perth

Perth has quite a diverse economy due to the nature of the city. There is a mixture of large companies, independent start-ups and local institutions that use water in different ways.

Castle Water helps local businesses in Perth get a solid footing to figure out where in their existing water networks improvements could be made, and if switching water supplier is ideally going to bring bills down. By putting your business in touch with local agents who know everything to do with water in the Perthshire area, any business owner can get advice and access to a broad range of water services.

Switching Water Supplier in Perth

Your business water provider shouldn’t just be known by the name on the bill. A provider should be highlighting the ways a business can become water efficient.

That’s why the Castle Water network of specialist partners can help with everything from wastewater management to smart meter reading.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Services local businesses can benefit from include:

If you think your business could benefit from any of these services, please get in touch and let us know.

Where Perth Businesses get Water From

It used to be that River Tay was the primary source of water for the city, but as the town developed and more people relied on safe water, how Perth got its water changed.

For most of us, anytime a tap is turned on, the water you’re using will have been sourced from Backwater Reservoir, just up near Bellaty. From the reservoir, it reaches nearby treatment works where it is cleaned and tested before entering the local system.

Perth is incredibly lucky to have soft water, with the typical glass of water averaging less than 60 parts per million (PPM). Conversely, a similarly sized city in the south of England tends to have around 300 PPM in a glass of water.

Water Solutions for Perth Businesses

Operating an independent shop or café just off South Street and feel your water bills are getting too high? Or do you have a large business near the M90 that uses a lot of water in daily operations?

Castle Water works with businesses of all sizes to get the best deal possible for their business water services. It is important to know that a business has the freedom to switch without any interruption to services. If you’d like an idea of how much bills could be with Castle Water.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Perth

As you move further out of town, you’ll find factories, warehouses and processing facilities that use what would be deemed as a significant level of water every day. Castle Water can help stop bills from spiralling for any large business in Perth. If you’re running a multi-site business, or feel you’re paying too much for wastewater every month, get in touch.

Own a business in Perth? Get in Touch

Castle Water is here to answer any questions you have about business water services in Perth. Please feel free to call us on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am. You can read more about how we help businesses in Scotland here.

We also help businesses looking to establish new connections to become water efficient