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Renfrewshire is home to a diverse economic background, especially with so many companies close to the M8 and those providing services near the airport. From car washes and food production to manufacturing and packaging, understanding the intricacies of using water for daily operations is important.

Castle Water is helping companies throughout Renfrewshire who are looking to put an end to inflated tariffs and volatile bills throughout the year.

Switch Water Retailer in Renfrewshire

Does your water retailer only get in touch to ask about payments? Or do they even give you an idea of what services you can take advantage of?

Renfrewshire-businesses can now take advantage of all the benefits Castle Water offer. Click here and learn how.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

At a time when keeping bills as low as possible is important for any company in the county, Castle Water can assist with the likes of:

  • Smart meter technology
  • Hidden water leak detection
  • Water network audits
  • Better long-term tariffs
  • Wastewater advice
  • Consolidated billing
  • Water contingency planning

Many of these services are made possible thank to the local agents Castle Water has partnered with. You can find out more about how Castle Water helps Scottish businesses.

Where Renfrewshire Businesses Get Water From

Renfrewshire gets water from varying sources, namely rivers, lochs and groundwater pools. Water is taken and cleaned up in local treatment facilities. An example of such would be Muirdykes Water Treatment Works, which provides a significant portion of water for homes and businesses in the likes of Johnstone, Howwood, and Elderslie.

Renfrewshire is seen as having soft water.

Water Solutions for Renfrewshire Businesses

No two businesses will use water in the same way, so knowing how to tailor billings and services to your specific needs is crucial in keeping costs down.

Castle Water provides water solutions for Renfrewshire businesses which should see long-term improvements and your business shifting towards a positive relationship with water usage.

If you have a small business in the area and feel your water bills aren’t accurate, find out more about making a switch, by talking with a member of the Castle Water customer service team.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With the M8 and A737 acting as two major transport routes into Glasgow and towards the coast, coupled with the hub of businesses close to the airport, you’ll find that many larger businesses in Renfrewshire want reliable water services and no hassle at all when making any major changes.

Castle Water can help customers in the area get matched with local agents who know where essential changes in operations can be made. Remember too that bigger businesses looking to switch should know that they can expect no interruption to services, or having to deal with the little details, as our team takes care of the switch for you. Even for businesses with multiple locations.

Running a Business in Renfrewshire? Talk to Castle Water

If you have any questions about how Castle Water could help improve your water services and billing, or how to switch water suppliers, then give our team a call on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.