Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS)

Although loss of supply or loss of water pressure is the responsibility of your Water Network Owner, Castle Water is responsible for administering payments, where they are due, under Ofwat’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) for customers in England. A summary of the standards and conditions is available at

Castle Water will work with your Water Network Owner to administer GSS payments in certain situations if your supply has been interrupted or if your water pressure falls below the minimum pressure standard on two occasions or more, with each occasion lasting more than one hour. This includes identifying customers who are entitled to GSS payments and ensures we have accurate details of the supply losses suffered.

Customers in England seeking GSS payments can contact Castle Water directly to provide information and ensure that you receive the correct payment where due. Please fill in our Loss of Water Supply or Pressure form.

Additional information

In times of extreme weather conditions, we will publish updates from your Water Network Owner (i.e. Scottish Water, Thames Water or Portsmouth Water) here. For full details on these updates, please see your Water Network Owner’s website.

Please use water wisely. You can view useful advice on water efficiency and water usage here.

We can provide full site audits and efficiency reviews for any size of business. For customers concerned about the continuity of supply, you can find out more about the delivery of standby water here.