Who should use this remittance advice form?

Anyone can use this water remittance pay bill form. This will help us process and allocate your payment(s) accurately and in good time, especially if you are making a single payment covering multiple accounts, or multiple payments at the same time.

This form is also useful to simply let us know that you have made a single payment to us or if you wish to move money between your accounts.

If you prefer, you can email your remittance advice notes to payments@castlewater.co.uk

Please use the remittance advice form below to submit your details.

Everything you need can be found on page 1 of your invoice, so have this to hand.

Please tell us which invoices and accounts you would like to allocate your payment to.

If you are a consolidated billing customer, please provide only your consolidated account number (found on your latest invoice). If you’d like to split your payment between multiple accounts, please click ‘Add another account’.If you’d like to use existing credit on one of your accounts to make a payment, please place a minus sign (-) in the ‘Amount to allocate*’ figure e.g -£50.00

Add another account? Add another account?
Alternatively, you can upload your own remittance advice form.

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