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Meet The Team: Geoff Beale

Geoff Beale, Commercial Relationship Manager for Castle Water, answers questions about mitigating the risk of unplanned outages, and how he is making a difference for our Crown Commercial Service customers.

Tell us about your role at Castle Water

Along with my colleague, Richard Hudson, Senior Account Manager for Castle Water, I jointly manage a wide range of Public Sector customers in our Crown Commercial Service portfolio. This includes large universities, schools, colleges, hospitals and councils around the country.

I see myself as a single point of contact for these customers and I am able to assist them with whatever queries they might have, whether they are billing based or operationally focused. Apart from the usual billing queries I receive each day, I assist our customers with complex issues regarding trade effluent consents and discharges, as well as giving advice on water efficiency and how to undertake basic on-site water leakage checks.

What services does Castle Water offer that help to mitigate risk of unplanned outages or disruption to supply?

There’s great value in the Additional Water Services that Castle Water can offer our customers to mitigate any issues they might experience during unplanned water outages.

I have always proactively looked to approach customer’s about their own contingency planning, because if they lost their supply due to a burst water main we would need to know what level of storage they have on site, and where they could hook up a water tanker to replenish their tanks while the main is down. This is incredibly important when it comes to hospitals to try and ensure they do not go without water.

I had a case recently where a large university was undertaking some works on their campus which meant they had to isolate an incoming main. Through our professional network of trusted experts, our Additional Water Services team were able to take quick action for our customer and arrange for the provision of tanker support throughout the course of their works. Our partners remained on site and to replenish their storage tanks if they ran low and needed topping up.

How does MyAccount benefit customers?

MyAccount is a useful tool for our customers. Once set-up, they can log on whenever they like to manage their account online. From MyAccount our customer can easily view and download their own invoices, and they can check account balances too. MyAccount is also used by our customers to submit their own meter readings, to keep their billing up-to-date. A recent update now enables customers to find their water meter in seconds using an interactive map – particularly useful for sites with external meters.

How are you making a difference to Castle Water customers?

I have over 30 years’ experience working in the water industry, so I can speak competently and confidently to the customers I deal with on a day-to-day basis – whatever they tend to raise with me is something I have come across before. I take responsibility for the issues that I am looking to resolve, and try to nurture good working relationships with my customers. If you deliver on what you promise you win that customer’s trust, and that is very important in this role.

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