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Smart Water MeterAutomatic Meter Reading (AMR) gives you round-the-clock, real-time information about your water consumption - at the click of a mouse.

Receive regular usage reports, alerting you early to any unusual consumption, and keep your billing pin-sharp.

Say goodbye to manual meter readings

AMR is a remote reading capability attached to your existing water meter, regularly submitting accurate data for you to access online.

AMR DashboardTake control

The device collects data about your consumption patterns that you can easily track through your online portal, enabling you to start saving water and money.

Find out how AMR cut £40k from our customers annual water bill.


AMR takes less than an hour to install, without impinging on normal operations.

Castle Water’s industry-leading AMR partner - Metering Technology Solutions (MTS) - has extensive experience of installing AMR equipment for a broad range of businesses and organisations. Contactless installation is carried out at sites with external water meters. If your meter is internal, MTS will arrange installation at your convenience. Your installation technician will give you operating instructions in person, and details of simple online tutorials to help you get the most out of your AMR portal.

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