Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

It becomes a lot easier to manage your water consumption when you have accurate and easily accessible insights on hand at all times. For more clear information about your water use, you can get a smart metre for your business that will provide automatic water readings. This will help you cut costs where possible and more efficiently oversee your businesses water usage.

It can save a significant amount of money and boast a more sustainable business. With smart water meter technology, your business will know when they are overusing as well as when they are underusing, which will allow for more efficient daily use.

With AMR’s smart metering water service, you can easily access your consumption remotely through either a computer or a mobile device. This means that you can ensure that water is not being overused even while you are not present at the business premises. It can free up your water use and offers much more clarity, so you won’t be getting any unpleasant surprises when the water bull comes along.

Take Control Over Your Water Usage

AMR smart water metres can be installed in under an hour and will allow business owners to take control of their water usage. They’ll know when to cut back and when they have the resources to use some extra water.

These metres can be tailored to individual businesses with the option for notifications to be set for when a business is nearing a limit. This limit can be set on the AMR portal.

This will reduce the likelihood of a shock bill coming through that has an effect on the business’ monthly finances.

Find out how AMR cut £40k from our customers’ annual water bill.

Improve Your Environmental Awareness

You can bolster your business public reputation as an environmentally aware and responsible operation with the help of the smart water meter system provided by AMRs.

When cutting down on excess water you are also cutting down on water waste; therefore, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Identify Leaks

Leaks can have a significant effect on your water bills. The identification and repair of leaks could save your business hundreds of pounds and allow for much more efficient water consumption.

Automatic Water Reading systems will be able to detect unusual water consumption caused by leaks. Fixing the leak will minimise costs and water damage.

Why You Should Go with Castle Water

Castle Water has worked with thousands of businesses across the UK, so we know exactly what you will require to improve your consumption. Through our fantastic providers, we will help in ensuring that you have an AMR and are able to take control of your consumption.

Our knowledgeable team of customer support experts will be on hand to help you set up and navigate your portal for AMR. We will be able to guide you through your consumption with helpful tricks and tips on how to cut costs where possible.

For more from Castle Water please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Alternatively, your questions may be answered in our FAQ section.