When a business is rurally based, they can often find themselves under higher scrutiny concerning wastewater treatment and disposal of by-products generated through their internal water cycle.

With rural businesses also routinely centred on the use of organic matter, having dedicated rural wastewater treatment plans in place can not only benefit the business when it comes to treating wastewater. It can also help when looking to find efficiencies internally while avoiding falling foul of sewage discharges in the local area going beyond what is satisfactory.

Castle Water customers benefit from accessing essential services through our specialist partners, looking at everything from environmental auditing to water contingency planning.

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Rural Wastewater Treatment Services

It is often the case that companies operating in what would be deemed rural locations effectively have a smaller wastewater system in place, resulting in the need for treatment services that are low impact and keep energy use to a minimum.

Services need to be in place which, much like the aim of water treatment, are as conservative as possible in scale. For example, a rural business with a centralised system nearby will have it much easier than a business with no local support at play.

It is often the case where rural sewage treatments will often lack the capacity for biological wastewater treatment and rely on tankers to come and remove wastewater and materials in septic tanks for treatment elsewhere.

If there are ways you want to reduce costs and provide effective means for on-site treatment, Castle Water may be able to help. If you have issues or problems with your septic tank, be that installation or management, our specialist partners may be able to help.

Rural Wastewater Management

Waste management isn’t just about ensuring that you fall within regulation; it is also about finding ways to protect the surrounding environment. Effective rural wastewater management can see you tackle existing challenges in your water processing and seek ways to re-introduce water where possible.

The UK is quite lucky that most of what is deemed as “rural” businesses don’t have too far to go for help with management, but having a dedicated agent look at your property and highlight where inefficiencies lie can work wonders.

If you’d like to speak with someone about the possibility of a local agent coming to examine and audit your current wastewater setup, please get in touch today.

Wastewater Treatment Services for Rural businesses

Some of the services rural customers can avail of would include:

  • Water recycling
  • Filtration
  • Chemical treatment (where appropriate)
  • Process optimisation
  • Odour control
  • Waste tankering

Many of these services are necessary for farming and those in the agriculture industry. If this would be where your business falls under, please read more about the agriculture wastewater treatment solutions Castle Water can help with. Our partners may also be able to assist with tackling surface runoff if you find yourself with an overwhelmed system.

Why Choose Castle Water?

Our team is UK based and helps businesses from all backgrounds, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, with a distinct focus on water management and addressing business-specific problems.

Rural businesses across the country can depend on Castle Water to:

  • Help secure means to improve internal systems
  • Lower wastewater production where possible
  • Showcase new technologies where appropriate
  • Be there when water emergencies occur, to help avoid disruptions
  • Provide unparalleled customer service

Moving to a New Provider

It is entirely fair to want to put off switching water retailer as you may be concerned it will result in a back and forth with your existing retailer and the possibility of interruption to services.  When any business switches to Castle Water, our team takes over the transition so you can get on with working unencumbered.

If you would like to know more about switching provider, please click here.

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