Working with and manufacturing textiles is a process that is very intensive when looking at the amount of water needed for production, as well as the level of wastewater produced.

With a significant volume of water needed through all stages of production and the need for additives like synthetic dyes, it is surprising that many companies don't utilise some form of textile wastewater treatment.

Castle Water's local agents and network of specialist partners enable those working with textiles to benefit from internal network improvements and an overall reduction in wastewater creation.

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Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle water can help businesses in the UK, especially small enterprises which use and create textiles, with wastewater treatment and trade effluent improvements.

With a UK based customer service team and a proven track record of helping companies reduce waste, our customers can continue with textile production and treatment safe in the knowledge internal operations have been improved.

Textile companies throughout the UK can rely on Castle water for help with:

  • Meeting environmental standards
  • Reducing wastewater
  • Improving areas such as dilution, coarse filtering, and balancing
  • Find the means to save costs throughout the process chain
  • Customer support which helps your business

Textile Wastewater Treatment Services

Castle water specialist partners can work with any textile-based business and help identify the specific areas where costs can be lowered.

With the level of water used varying wildly depending on the material, and the possibility that your business may have to treat wastewater before it enters the sewage system, textile businesses can be given advice and guidance on:

  • How water is used.
  • Where water is being wasted.
  • If processes are too intensive.
  • If there are ways to re-introduce water.
  • Whether a localised effluent plan is best.
  • If finishing processes are wasteful.
  • Whether dilution or condensation of effluent is necessary.

It is also incredibly important that staff are given appropriate training, so they're educated enough to avoid creating problems, like consent breaches etc.

Wastewater Treatment for Varying Textile Processes

Water usage and processing would always be kept to a minimum when working with textiles in an ideal world. Sadly, it is the case that water demand isn't uniform throughout the textile process, and this is something that would need looking at on a micro-level for production.

Stages that may require investigation (and recommendations) include:

  • Bleaching
  • Descouring
  • Dyeing
  • Printing
  • Finishing

Textile Effluent Treatment for Independent Businesses

For small independent textile businesses starting out, it can be confusing and frustrating if you don't understand the levels involved with textile wastewater treatment. A business doesn't want to be hit with fines because they don't know local wastewater discharge regulations.

It helps to get a specialist in and have all processes checked independently.

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Castle Water can help those in the textile industry with water services and wastewater reduction. If you would like to know more about textile wastewater treatment and our specialist partners who can assist your business, please get in touch.

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