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Proudly Serving Businesses in Gateshead

Castle Water is working hard with local businesses based in Gateshead, and those just across the Tyne in Newcastle, with their business water services. We are working with independent businesses and companies with a large footprint in the local community who wish to see water consumption better reflect what bills tell them.

While Gateshead may be home to what some claim is the biggest shopping centre in Europe, there are hundreds of independent and local businesses which have to look after their own water bills every month. With much of the local economy based on the service industry, water usage tends to be kept minimal in most areas. That doesn’t mean bills are kept low though.

Whether your business is located down by the river, or you have a larger facility near the A1 or A194, you’ll always be keen to find methods to reduce water bills, or at least keep usage to a minimum where possible. Castle Water works with every type of business, from cafes and restaurants to factories and car washes, to see where we can help bring water bills down.

Castle Water is incredibly proud to help business throughout Gateshead and Tyne & Wear make the switch and start saving when they join Castle Water.

Helping Businesses in Gateshead

For how small it is, Gateshead is quite a compact and dense town. With how the road network pans through and around town, the area lends itself to having a slew of different business types. These are all companies which have specific requirements for water and how to dispose of wastewater.

We are helping businesses in Gateshead gain access to improved water services. Whether we’re showing how existing water connections could be better served (thanks to help from local agents) or where immediate problems in your internal network need fixing, Castle Water wants to help businesses improve their relationship with water.

It all starts by making the switch from your current water supplier. Our customer service can help you move to Castle Water without any interruption to services, making sure the transition is smooth and doesn’t impact daily operations.

Why Use Castle Water?

Castle Water helps customers with more than just their bills. We understand that evert businesses will have their own steps in place for the use and disposal of water.

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How to switch

Castle Water can provide access to additional services, including;

  • Water audits
  • Emergency water supplies
  • Leak detection
  • Smart meter billing options
  • Trade effluent
  • Wastewater management

Services like these help your business understand what long-term savings can be made and where instant changes will help. If you want to learn more about the specific services customers can avail of, please click here.

Where Gateshead Businesses get Water From

Any businesses hooked up the local network will be serviced by Northumbrian Water, which sources the majority of its water from the Kielder zone. Water from the giant artificial reservoir will usually reach our taps as part of the Kielder Transfer Scheme, which sees water move around the area to meet demand.

Gateshead would be seen as having soft water, like much of the north-east.

Water Solutions for Gateshead Businesses

Whether you’re running a salon off West Street or have a café on High Street which needs a reliable water connection for everything to run smoothly, Castle Water can provide you with adequate water services.

Anyone in the area running a small business can get a clear indication of how much lower water bills could be by getting an instant quote. Try it out and see if your business is better suited to being with Castle Water.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With larger businesses operating off the A1, Gateshead is home to companies which may go through hundreds of litres of water a week, especially when looking at processing and industrial capacities.

If this is a problem in your business, there are water efficiency services available from Castle Water to help see where dramatic improvements can be made.

Have a business in Gateshead? Get in Touch

Whatever way a business can bring bills down shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it comes to water. Get in touch with the Castle Water customer care team if you’d like to discuss switching provider or want to talk about some of the services mentioned.

Call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.

Save up to 20% on water bills

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