Customer Notice

Our offices and phone lines will be closed for Good Friday. Our Scotland offices and phone lines will reopen at 8am on Monday 22 April. Our England offices and phone lines will reopen at 8am on Tuesday 23 April. To make a payment, click here. If you experience an emergency or unplanned disruption to your water supply and/or wastewater service whilst we are closed, please call your Water Network Owner. You can find a list of emergency numbers here. If you experience a problem with the water pipework inside your own building/site, you should call your plumber in the first instance.

Get more from your business water

We’re committed to providing a service which is tailored to suit your needs. We can introduce you to a comprehensive framework of specialist and added value services to help you:

  • save water
  • cut costs
  • meet environmental commitments
  • build resilience
  • support sustainable growth and
  • keep customers and stakeholders happy

Products and services:

Water supply continuity and contingency planning

Contact us to find out more about contingency planning for water outages, emergency supplies, temporary water for events and assured response contracts.

Automatic meter reading (AMR)

Regular performance reports will help ensure that you are not paying more than necessary for your water. Spotting issues quickly will prevent water loss, avoid unnecessary costs and reduce disruption or risk to your business.

Water efficiency audits

We can help you understand your water usage so you can reduce costs. Water reduction strategies can help make sure you are as resource efficient as you can be.

Leak detection and repair

Water leaks can be costly. Undetected or unresolved leaks can cause large water bills, reduced water pressure and physical damage. We can help you fix leaks and valves, resolve plumbing issues and clear blocked drains.

Trade effluent

We can work with you to obtain consents or improve the way you deal with the waste you produce. Cost-effective treatment and disposal can mean significant cost savings for your business whilst maintaining legal and environmental compliance can help you demonstrate your business is sustainable and environmentally sound.

Find out more…

We are available from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday. You can contact us on: 01250 718718 or

For trade effluent queries, please email:

Please note: Castle Water does not have any contractual responsibility for the delivery of services carried out by our framework partners.
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