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Castle Water is working with locally run businesses in Glasgow city centre and the wider county area with their business water services. By enabling any independent business to make the switch, our team is helping local business owners see how water bills can be brought down, and how any business’s relationship with water can be improved for the better.

Glasgow is a city of innovation. It may be steeped in industrial history with the generations who worked along the River Clyde, but the city has evolved to have the largest economy of any Scottish city, and continually gets listed as the fastest growing city in the UK. That growth equates to thousands of businesses that need water in varying capacities.

Whether it’s one of the significant large businesses operating off the M8 and M74, or the many pubs, clubs and restaurants which give Glasgow it’s beloved vibrant culture and nightlife, every business in town needs to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible from their water bills.

Castle Water is proud to help companies across Glasgow and Lanarkshire learn about improved business water services and how to switch to get a better deal on their water bills.

Helping Businesses in Glasgow

Glasgow is a very business dense city. You can see it when driving over the River Clyde towards the city centre. A quick look in any direction and you’ll see all kinds of businesses working beside one another. Each of these companies will need to use water differently.

Castle Water allows businesses to get a better knowledge of their existing water set-up, where problems lie, and why it may be in your best interest to make the switch from your current water supplier. Our team will be able to match you with local agents who have the knowledge to see where a business may be wasting time and money when it comes to business water services.

Switching Business Water Supplier in Glasgow

What can a business in Glasgow do to save money on their water bills? When you talk with Castle Water, you’ll find that there is a lot which can be done.

If you run a Glasgow-based business and are thinking about switching your business water supplier, Castle Water are here to make the process hassle-free.


Save up to 80% on your fixed water charges

Unlike other water service companies which are happy to watch your meter run, it’s our priority to provide any business customer access to comprehensive water services. These can include:

Services like these help your business understand what long-term savings can be made and where instant changes will help.

Where Glasgow Businesses get Water From

Someone running a tap to boil a kettle in Kelvinbridge or Bearsden might be surprised to know that the same water is being used in Dennistoun to make the city’s signature beer (the one with a big T on the can).

Most of Glasgow gets water from a single source about 20 miles north of the city; Loch Katrine. The sizeable freshwater loch provides over 200 million litres of water to locals every single day.

Up until the mid-1800s, the River Clyde was the city’s primary water source. As the city’s population ballooned and much of the river became an industrial hub, water quality suffered, hence the creation of the pipeline from Loch Katrine to local treatment centres.

Because the city gets water this way, it’s surprising that a city this size has what would be classified as very soft water.

Water Solutions for Glasgow Businesses

Have a local café or restaurant in the city centre which relies on the high-quality water supply to keep the business running? Or do you have a warehouse by the motorway which is seeing water bills continually go up?

It doesn’t matter if you’re located off Buchanan St or run a business in Paisley, Castle Water can help by providing a full range of water solutions for Glasgow businesses.

If you run a small business and want to get an idea of what bills could look like, get an instant quote and we’ll see what options you have.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

There are a lot of companies which operate in larger premises the further out you get from the city centre. Many of these companies will use hundreds of litres of water a week across multiple different sites. This is something Castle Water can help look at to see if your current costs are too high, or if there are services which should be improved.

With water efficiency services at the forefront, larger businesses across Glasgow can save money when they switch to Castle Water and many business owners don’t know how easy the switching process can be.

Have a business in Glasgow? Get in Touch

Local businesses should know what everything on their water bill means to the penny. Castle Water can help clear the confusion of what you’re currently paying and help find long-term savings on water bills. We can even help when it comes to energy suppliers too.

If you’re based in Glasgow, please call us today on 01250 718 700. Lines are open weekdays from 8 am.