Deducting submeter consumption from your bill

If your water supply is shared with one or more neighbouring premises, the water meter on the supply may be part of a network of meters. A meter network normally has a main meter and then one or more submeters, also known as deduction meters. To calculate the consumption at the first premises on the network, the consumption recorded on the submeter(s) is deducted from the consumption recorded on the main meter.

Some private networks have private submeters on them which can help customers to apportion usage and check for leaks, but readings on private submeters will not be used when we calculate your bills. Only submeters installed by the water Wholesaler will be used in bill calculations.

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Meter Reading FAQ's:

In most cases, if there is a meter network on your supply you will see details of the Meter Network on page 2 of the bill. We display the serial numbers for the main meter and any submeters which have been taken into account, and we show how we have calculated the total volume used in the bill calculations. The readings for the end date on your bill will usually be estimated using the most recent readings available to us on each of the meters in the network.

The bill details the total volume used in calculations for each of the meters involved. The Total Volume is broken down on the bill into Actual Volume (water which we know from meter readings has already been used) and Estimated Volume (water which we estimate you have used since the last visual meter reading). The total volume charged on the bill is the difference between the main meter volume and the submeter volume.

If you cannot see details of the Meter Network on page 2 of the bill, check for “adjusted units” in the “Your Readings” section on page 7.

Some businesses must pay VAT on water charges, calculated at 20%. This depends on your business activities as recorded by your Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code.

If you think your business is being wrongly charged VAT on your water bills, let us know your Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code by completing the SIC Code Form here. We will update our records and adjust your bills if necessary.

Sign into MyAccount, click on ‘Find your meter’ to view the serial number, address, location description, and a helpful map.

You can see details of the water meter location and submit meter readings at any time using MyAccount. Contact us to request detailed location information about any submeters on your supply.

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Meter networks often include a mixture of non-household supplies and household supplies. For example, the water supply to your business may go on to supply a private home and another business further along the network.

As your water Retailer, it is Castle Water’s responsibility to work with you to obtain readings on the meter immediately upstream from your premises. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to read submeters further downstream on the network and this means that it is normal for the different meters in the network to be read at different times.

If the submeter is supplying a domestic premises, it is the Wholesaler’s responsibility to read it and share readings with us. Castle Water will not enter your neighbour’s home or garden to read the submeter. In other cases, it may be the responsibility of another Retailer to read the submeter, for example, if your neighbour has appointed a different Retailer.

We estimate submeter consumption using the latest meter readings available to us. If you can read the submeters, share these with us and encourage your neighbours to provide regular readings to their own supplier who will share with us too.

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The supply and metering arrangements are the responsibility of the water Wholesaler who owns the meters.

Meter networks are often historic and it may not be possible to split the supplies or move the meters on the network. To enquire about having a new supply installed to serve your premises only, you will need to speak to your Wholesaler’s Developer Services department directly.

If you believe there is a problem with the supply arrangements or the meters, let us know. For more information and to provide details of your request, click here. We will share your concerns with the Wholesaler and ask them to investigate.

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