Hot weather means a higher demand in water

Due to the warmer weather, many of us are using much more water than normal. Because of this, and whether you're at work or at home, you may notice lower water pressure or even no water when demand is higher in your area.

What is being done?

We want to let you know that your wholesaler teams are working around the clock to ensure there is enough water for you and your community. There is enough water for everyone if we all use only what we need. You can help your community by using less water, which will make a big difference and mean there’s more to go around.

Due to this unprecedented demand and hot weather over the next few days we need your assistance in ensuring there is enough water to go around and therefore ask that certain non-essential activities are limited in order to help with this.

Ways you can help

If we can all do our bit to save water, small actions can make a huge difference and we can make sure there is enough for all our communities to enjoy over the next few days.

Some simple things can make a big difference to how much water can be saved:

  • Avoid using sprinklers and hosepipes which can save an incredible 1,000 litres an hour.
  • Avoid watering greens or sports pitches.
  • Avoid washing cars or building exteriors unless for safety purposes.
  • Only use the dishwasher and washing machine when they’re full.
  • Turn off, or re-schedule any auto-replenishing for pools/ponds or other similar activity until after 11pm.

By limiting the use of this non-essential activity you will really be supporting us ensure there is water for all during this high demand peak.

Cloudy or Discoloured Water?

Low pressure and supply interruptions can have knock on effects. The most common of these are your water going white and cloudy, or a discolouration that can look a lot like tea! This is likely to be nothing to worry about, but if you do notice a change in your water please visit the High Demand page for more information and some DIY quick fixes.

Find out what your wholesaler is doing to help customers