The control of wastewater on a farm needn’t be a balancing act. Unlike most businesses where wastewater has mineral elements that need to be removed, farms will have organic elements that need to be carefully controlled, especially if a farm is set up for wastewater to be treated and brought back into the system.

Various kinds of agriculture will determine how to treat the wastewater. For example, a poultry farm will have certain processes for water use along the chain, while a fruit or veg farm will be entirely different.

Castle Water’s specialist partners can help farms and those in the agriculture industry to lower water usage and utilise better water technology to lower costs.

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Why Choose Castle Water?

Our background in water management, partnered with our UK based customer service team means our expertise is always on hand to assist businesses of any size from lowering their bills to contingency planning in the event of water outages.

Businesses across the country are switching to Castle Water because our specialist partners can help customers:

Our Agriculture Wastewater Treatment Service

Castle Water’s specialist partners provide professional services that work with both the flexible nature of a farm or the agri-food business, to find out where water costs can be brought down. This is beneficial when dealing with several factors including:

  • The cleaning of equipment
  • The use of water in stables
  • The re-introduction of water back into a system
  • The way water is used while harvesting
  • Getting produce ready after harvest

Wastewater Treatment for Dairy Farms

Milking equipment and the dairy parlour need to be cleaned regularly, which usually involves high levels of water usage.

Castle Water services have allowed dairy farms to save both time and money in managing water and keeping machinery in good condition.

Wastewater Treatment for Fruit and Veg Farms

Farms that prepare produce on site before sending to vendors may accrue a significant level of wastewater simply from washing for prep. That, combined with the water required for harvesting, creates a high level of wastewater.

Castle Water partners with experts who can help any agri-food business discover where bills can be brought down. This can be done through a  professional water audit to identify where water reduction can help with wastewater levels.

Switching is easy

Castle Water can help take the headache out of switching water supplier. Many people do not know that you can choose your water supplier as easily as you choose your electricity provider.

As the UK’s leading independent business water supplier, Castle Water can help anyone in the agriculture business improve water efficiency.

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